Biosignature Modulation

Biosignature Modulation is the ground breaking, non-invasive fat loss programme developed by World renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin. The method is based on fat storage and its association with your own unique hormonal profile. As well as providing information of your body fat status, it gives an insight into why your body composition is what it is.

Health and lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, malnutrition, toxicity lead to hormonal imbalances and are reflected in our body fat storage patterns. One example is our ‘love handles’. This site is a reflection of how well we manage insulin and therefore carbohydrates. Once we control carbohydrate consumption and insulin, this site will dramatically fall and those jeans will fit a whole lot better!

Calipers are used to measure the subcutaneous (under skin) fat of 12 sites over the body. This information is entered into the software and your Biosignature Modulation profile is produced. Your practitioner will interpret the results and recommend an individualised programme of nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle modifications based on the results.

Not only does Biosignature Modulation produce results in fat loss, it also improves many other areas of your life. As you follow the programme health complaints such as bloating and tiredness will disappear and your body shape will improve. Clients have also reported improved sleeping patterns, improved mood and better concentration.

How long does Biosignature assessments take?

The first assessment normally takes about 1 hour. Each follow up assessment will take 30 minutes. For the best results the client should have one assessment each week, ideally the same day of the week and time of day.

How many weeks should I commit to?

At Physio4life we sell 6 or 12 week packages. The 6 weeks package provides 1 x 60 minute assessment and 5 x 30 minute follow ups. The 12 weeks package will provide 1x 60 minute assessment and 11 x 30 minute follow ups.

Clients who do the 12 week package see the best transformation, however 6 weeks packages also produce great results.

How long before I see and feel results?

That depends on many factors from your own compliance to your unique adaption to the programme. Everyone is different!  Most clients report feeling ‘so much better’ after the first two weeks and some have shifted 5kg fat in 6 weeks.

If you are committed and do everything that is asked you can expect to see great results.




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