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Osteopaths Putney

Welcome to Physio 4 Life for Osteopaths Putney

What is Osteopathy and how can it help me?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal and other related disorders. It is based on the principle that the body has a self-healing mechanism and osteopaths are trained to enhance it by stimulating the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems.

For more information on Osteopathy treatment call 0208 704 5998

    • 60 Minute Osteopathy Consultation – £110.00

45 Minute Osteopathy Consultation – £82.50

30 Minute Follow Up Treatment – £55.00

Compare Osteopathy and Physiotherapy, as treatments, by clicking here.

Osteopathy for Mums & Babies £100.00

Osteopathy is a holistic and intuitive manual therapy that can help newborns and young mothers.

Following birth, an osteopathic check up for the baby can help identify any dysfunction resulting from this traumatic transition from life inside to the outside world. All babies need time to make the necessary adjustments to their physiological systems: breathing, digestion and musculoskeletal. If not addressed, these functional tensions could lead to common problems, such as:

  • difficulty feeding
  • colic
  • disturbed sleeping pattern
  • difficulty passing wind
  • plagiocephaly (flattening of the head)
  • congenital torticolis

For the mothers who have just lived a huge emotional and physical effort over several months, it is essential to take the time to think about their own body. During pregnancy and throughout the duration of breastfeeding, ligaments in the body are loose and muscles have to work extra hard to maintain the posture and pelvis position. This lack of stability associated with the duration over which these changes happen can lead to:

  • neck and back pain
  • postural change
  • poor abdominal control
  • pelvic floor problems (incontinence, pain)
  • joint swelling (wrist, ankle, carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • strain from breastfeeding (blocked ducts, mastitis)
  • scar tissue related pain (C-section scar)

Osteopathy can help a lot alleviating or dealing better with these complaints. Too often mothers wait 3 or 4 months, enduring pain and sleepless nights before consulting an osteopath.

What can our Putney Osteopaths Treat?

Whether you have suffered a sports injury (muscle strain, ligament sprain or fracture), have chronic pain (headaches, migraines, sore back), or pregnancy-related ailments, osteopathy can help you.

The osteopath will start by asking questions about your medical history and specific questions regarding the main reason for the consultation.

Your 1st Osteopathy Examination

Then, a thorough examination of the patients’ posture will be carried out using palpation, active and passive mobility tests. To do so properly, the osteopath may ask you to remove some of your clothing. If you are uncomfortable about this, feel free to tell your practitioner. You can also choose to bring a pair of sports shorts and a singlet if you prefer.

Discussing Your Treatment Plan with Your Osteopath

The osteopath will then take the time to discuss with you the diagnosis and will suggest a treatment plan and the likely number of session needed for a noticeable improvement in how you feel. It is important that you understand this plan as very often you will be asked to do some specific exercises at home and because you may be referred to one of our physiotherapists for advanced rehabilitation.

Osteopath Appointments Putney

During treatment, osteopaths use a wide range of manual techniques such as: joint mobilisations, massage, manipulations and stretching exercises. For the treatment of newborn conditons for example, osteopaths can use myofascial or craniosacral techniques to help with latching difficulties, plagiocephaly (flattening of the head) and difficulty to pass wind or constipation. Osteopaths intuitively help restore balance in the organs of your body and are also able to provide advice on posture and work ergonomy in order to promote health and prevent symptoms from recurring.

The Benefits of Osteopathy Treatment at Physio 4 Life

The benefits and any potential risks associated with the treatment will be mentioned to you. Your practitioner will always ask your permission to treat you and will explain what he is doing as the treatment progresses.

Most people visit an osteopath as a private patient by self-referring themselves and pay for their treatment. If you have a private health insurance, you may be able to claim for the treatment costs. As it will depend on your personal level of cover, make sure to ask your insurance provider if you are eligible to claim for osteopathy treatment and if you need to be referred by a GP or not.

At Physio4Life we believe that when a patient seeks help from a manual therapist, they should always benefit from the best hands-on techniques, refined palpation skills in addition to rehabilitation exercises. The combination of all these aspects of treatment leads to a better long term recovery and can prevent injuries from recurring.

Makis Voultepsis
Makis Voultepsis
12:58 12 Oct 17
A friend recommended me Physio4Life for sever back pain that I started having in the end of July. I was treated by Victoria who diagnosed my condition as cauda equina syndrome and urged me to immediately go to A&E. Thanks to her timely diagnosis and the amazing treatment at the hospital I am still able to walk, as this condition can quickly leave someone paralyzed if it's not surgically treated. Victoria has been treating me for my post-surgery recovery even since and has helped me to steadily get stronger over time. Both her and Hugo who also treated me for a short period are extremely knowledgeable and caring, and will patiently explain all the rehabilitation exercises. Would definitely recommend going there!
Neil Arora
Neil Arora
20:01 25 Sep 17
Highly recommend both Victoria pitcher and Chris Hughes. Both are kind, understanding and knowledgeable physios who make you feel at ease and get to the bottom of the issue and seek to treat the cause. Future patients you are in good hands!!
Olivia Thorneycroft
Olivia Thorneycroft
13:11 17 Sep 17
I would highly recommend Physio 4 Life. I needed physio for tendonitis in my foot and Hugo has been great. His impressive knowledge, treatment and range of home strengthening exercises have helped my foot enormously and gave me back the confidence I had lost when I was injured. Thank you!
David Redmond
David Redmond
12:25 04 Sep 17
Hugo really helped me with my back. He fixed my initial problem and identified other areas for improvement and gave me the exercises that would help me. My back is now better (and still improving) than it was before my injury. I won't hesitate to go back with any other problem. Thanks.
Sofi Newsham
Sofi Newsham
07:02 08 Aug 17
I cannot speak highly enough of James. He's working so hard on fixing my running injury and getting me back to where I want to be. He's such a lovely, funny person who absolutely puts you at ease. The receptionists are also great, they remember who you are when you arrive and work efficiently. I would absolutely recommend anyone dealing with sports injury or looking for a recovery training plan go here.
Alexandra Phillips
Alexandra Phillips
10:54 06 Aug 17
I cannot recommend Physio4Life and Hugo highly enough! After several months of treatment following knee surgery, Hugo's attitude and confidence in my recovery made any slow progress that much easier to deal with. It was always a pleasure to be greeted by such a friendly reception team as well and, to be honest, I'm a little sad I'm back to full health and don't get to catch up with the great team there anymore!!
Simon Clothier
Simon Clothier
07:30 28 Jul 17
Twice weekly seshs here since March on an arduous recovery from challenging shoulder surgery. James is a fab and understanding physio, reception team (who always seem very happy & engaged) are superbly organised & highly efficient, quite the best I've experienced in the world of surgeries. Totally recommended.
Henry Bolton
Henry Bolton
15:57 12 Jul 17
James rehabilitated my ankle following a complex arthroscopy. His knowledge is really impressive, always knowing or quickly discovering the cause of pains and always ready with solutions. He was recommended by the surgeon and it is easy to see why. Now back long-distance running.
10:33 10 Jul 17
I cannot recommend this place enough! I had to be referred twice (back pain and then a very painful knee injury). Hugo took such good care of me and is such a cracking character that he made everything feel so easy and I was always confident in his approach and his treatment and recovery plan. Above all it was very effective! I have honestly never felt better in my life! Also the staff at reception is the nicest - they even remember people's names! Oh and there's free tea and coffee in reception 🙂 so now I'm pain free and it's all thanks to Hugo! Thank you!
Andreas Pichlkostner
Andreas Pichlkostner
15:49 27 Jun 17
Had a great experience with the Physio 4 Life team over the past year. Everyone was always friendly and helpful. A special thank you to Hugo, he did everything he could possibly do to resolve my plantar fasciitis problem. I'd highly recommend them!
Jaime Irurzun
Jaime Irurzun
10:51 21 Jun 17
I've had a great experience with Physio4Life. Their physiotherapist Hugo Chinchilla has solved my lower back pain within 5 sessions. An excellent and very friendly professional I'd definitely recommend to anyone.
Mikaela Austin (Alumni)
Mikaela Austin (Alumni)
10:02 12 May 17
James has been instrumental in making sure I return to play as soon as possible, being a professional netball athlete my feet are hugely important. James was able to diagnose various issues with my feet, and clearly explain how these could be modified with the orthotics he would mould for me. He went above and beyond to provide the best service possible and I am eternally grateful.
Karen Archer
Karen Archer
10:21 03 Mar 17
I use physio4life on two counts - James is a brilliant physiotherapist, knowledgeable, skilful (and humorous); and Dan runs an older persons' circuit training exercise class - great fun, and as accessible or challenging as you want to make it
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