Would you like to have the TOP 5 pieces of information you should know before seeking help with a diagnosed injury?? 


Due to the growth of sport and an active population, the number of people seeking essential therapeutic intervention following both injury and surgery is growing and growing.


‘What’s My Injury?’ is an application focused on giving you vital and readily accessible information regarding the following:

1) Detailed information regarding your injury.

2) Detail regarding assessment procedures.

3) Typical signs and symptoms of that problem.

4) What you can expect from treatment

5) Images to show the common sites of pain.


Whats My Injury? is not meant to replace a health professional and nor could it.  If you have been diagnosed with a musculoskeletal condition and are either in treatment or require some, this is the app for you.


From back pain to thumb injuries to ankle sprains, ‘Whats My Injury?’ offers you a wealth of information that will be updated on a regular basis.  Unlike simple internet searches, the information in this app comes from a sound evidence base and a wealth of clinical experience and precisely what you need to have a more informed therapy and rehabilitation period.



Download from iTunes APP store

What’s My Injury’ App is only available for download on the iPhone & iTunes App Store



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