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10 weeks from today thousands of you are going to have completed the London marathon! Some Training Tips – By Jade Blake, Physio4Life Senior Physiotherapist

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10 weeks from today thousands of you are going to have completed the London marathon and be very proud to have taken part in such a special race and have made that achievement.


The miles are really starting to increase now, so you want to try and keep all those little niggles at bay, with putting time into yourself outside of getting the mileage under your belt. Just a few tools and exercises that will help you do this….


  • Foam roller: Can be used for all muscles in your legs: calves, hamstrings, quads, ITB and TFL.
  • Trigger point ball: Great for targeting focussed points and areas the foam roller doesn’t necessarily reach, e.g: glute med
  • Exercises (just a few to help you along your way):


  • Single leg sit to stand
  • Double and single leg bridge
  • Step up to single leg balance (increase step height and weight as appropriate)
  • Split squat
  • Walking lunges


ALL exercises low weight and high repetition as your marathon training is about endurance and aerobic fitness (minimum 3x12reps). All of these exercises have some single leg involvement as remember that running is predominantly a single leg activity and up to eight times your body weight can be going through your leg when running; strength and proprioception is paramount.

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