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12 Christmas Tips from Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, Daniel Wellard – Tip 1: Exercise as much as possible and make your muscles absorb the carbohydrates

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There are officially 12 working days (not including weekends and Christmas eve) left until Christmas day. On each of these days I am going to share a little tip to help get you through Christmas!

Tip 1:

Exercise as much as possible and make your muscles absorb the carbohydrates.

Throughout the festive season most of us will consume more ’naughty’ food that is high in refined carbohydrates and fat. One way you can limit the damage this does to your well-being and body composition is to exercise as much as possible.

Simply put there are three benefits of exercising over the festive period.

1- As you all hopefully know by now, when we exercise, we ultimately increase muscle contraction which requires more energy. This burns up some of the stored carbohydrate and fat for energy.

2- Increased muscle contraction causes the muscle cells to become more of a sponge for carbohydrates (and fat). Therefore, if we exercise in the morning, we are more likely to store the carbs we eat later in the day, in our muscle and not in our fat cells.

3- Nearly everybody feels ‘great’ following an exercise session. This is because feel good hormones are produced when we train.

So, whether you go to the gym, go for a run, do some sprints or do Davina McCall’s latest Legs, Bums and Tums dvd

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