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12 Christmas Tips from Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, Daniel Wellard – Tip 2: If you know you are going to pig out, be as good as possible before!

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Tip 2


Another damage limitation tactic:

The human body can store up to around 500g of carbohydrate in the Liver and muscle cells (liver glycogen and muscle glycogen).  A diet high in carbs and sedentary  lifestyle leads to these stores becoming full. If but we Continuing to overeat carbs and not exercise we will store the excess as fat.


High intensity exercise is a great way of tapping into muscle and liver glycogen. Therefore, as mentioned in ‘tip 1’ yesterday, try and exercise over the xmas period to prevent fat gain.

Moderate carb consumption. If you know that you are going out to party and pig out on refined foods and alcohol,  make sure your food consumption preceding the party is very low in carbs. Then when you go out, fill your boots!

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