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12 Christmas Tips from Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, Daniel Wellard – Tip 3: If time to do exercise is an issue over the festive season, here is a 15 minute high intensity session

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Tip 3


If time to do exercise is an issue over the festive season have a go at this 15 minute high intensity session. It requires no equipment. Just you, and 16 minutes of motivation. Maybe have a strong tea/coffee 45 minutes before you plan to do it. Google any exercise you are not sure of.


30s per exercise, 30s break X 3 rounds. do not stop


1- Run on the stop as fast as possible

2- Alternating reverse lunges (hold a small child, pet or spouse for extra resistance!).

3- Mountain runners

4- Press ups

5- L-sit


Or have a go at this 10 minute workout


30s sprint on the spot, 30s break x 10


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