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5 tips on how to improve your eating habits – Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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This week I have signed up to a new nutrition certification. It’s a well respected distance learning course that provides guys like me with more knowledge and excellent practical tools to help guys like you achieve healthy eating, fat loss and improved performance.


I received the initial pack through email yesterday and part of it had some excellent tips to improve eating habits. 


1- Know when to stop eating. When I was a little lad, my mum always told me ‘Daniel, finish everything on your plate.’ This habit has stuck with me throughout my adult life. It’s very rare that leave food on my plate. A good tip is to stop eating when you’re 80% full and wait 20 mins, as it takes this long for satiety to kick in.


2- Eat protein with every meal. Meat, fish, eggs. But how much? One palm sized portion for women. Two Palm sized portions for men.


3- Eat no more than a thumb sized portion of nuts per day. I once told a guy that eating nuts was a good habit to get in. A few weeks later, when we couldn’t get to the bottom of why he wasn’t losing fat. We discovered that every day he put a bag on his desk and eat the whole lot! 


4- To carb or not to carb. Fill your boots on Spinach, broccoli, carrot, asparagus, kale, peppers, salad etc. Starchy carbs like sweet potato and rice, only have a tennis ball size serving with the meal after an intense workout.


5- DRRRIIIIIIINNNNKKKK –  4 pints of water, per day for a lady, 5-6 pints of water for a bloke. 


Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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