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A Happy Senior Boot Camper – This is why you should do Dan’s Fat Loss Indoor Bootcamps!

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A Happy Senior Bootcamper!


“12 years ago this month, I decided to start Personal Training with Daniel. I had just broken my ankle and I was part of a rehabilitation programme..

Back then I was a young 68 year old man. Now 80, I continue to benefit from Daniel’s exercise sessions.

I visit Daniel once a week and also play golf (sometimes good, sometimes not so good).

I honestly believe that the weekly visits helps enormously by making me realise the importance of keeping vaguely fit. More importantly, the realisation that exercise, in its widest sense, is vital to my appreciation of life.

I keep saying “at some stage you I will be too old to do all this, and it will be time to stop”. However, Daniel knows just how far I can be pushed, and to make exercise enjoyable, without feeling uncomfortable and risking anything bad happening”

Graeme Gilchrist, Physio4Life Client

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