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‘Cloudy’ by Senior Physiotherapist at Physio4Life, Faye Burge – Get Mindful!

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Coming from the north (Liam I mean the proper north, Preston does not count), I find London a little on the busy side. So far in my short 18months at Physio4Life I have rarely come across a client who has any state of calm or is able to complete even two minutes of mindfulness every day. Mindfulness became quite the “hot topic” about 2 years ago and never seemed to leave. The term sounds a little on the fairy side but can actually have substantial benefits to your health my lowering your heart rate, reducing stress levels and increasing sleep.

Being the techno that I am (cue sniggers from the rest of “team physio” as I would naturally be described as a tech-not!) Even I managed to safely (and yes Sam with out supervision) down load the App “Headspace” and I couldn’t recommend it enough. All you need is 10mins in your day (literally 10 there is a timer so you know I’m not fibbing) to sit and calmly listen to some basic instructions. The great thing about this is it doesn’t have to be done in a yoga sanctuary surrounded by monks but, as I found even on a train!

So next time you are feeling a little energy deficient, cloudy between the ears or just a aware that the mental side could do with a top up but chill out- down load “Headspace” and get mindful!!!

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