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Cyclists! Get using your butt! – By Victoria Samson, Senior Physiotherapist at Physio4Life

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Cyclists!  Get using your butt! chris vic pic

Gluteus maximus is the most important muscle in generating the power of the downstroke.  Yet, all too often I treat cyclists with prize winning quadriceps that would rival Sir Chris, but relatively poor gluteus maximus.  This can lead to knee issues and very tight hamstrings amongst other problems.  Getting the gluteus maximus to work on the bike isn’t always easy, it’s important to train this muscle in isolation off the bike as well as working on technical aspects on the bike.  One really important tip is making sure the lower back is set in the neutral position on the bike.  If your lower back is rounded (in posterior tilt) you haven’t got much chance of generating any power from glut max.  Take a look at this short video and you’ll see what I mean….


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