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Exercise of the week – By Jade Blake, Senior Physiotherapist at Physio4Life

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exercise of the week


Following on from strengthening and injury prevention last week. Step up to single leg balance is a great exercise for runners and all athletes to be doing as a prevention of injury. Obviously the bigger the step and the heavier the weight the more difficult the exercise gets. You need to find the right combination that challenges you. I personally use 8kg dumbells with a 20 inch step. You want to make sure that your foot is firmly on the step and make the movement impulsive with power, not just a slow movement struggling to pull yourself up.

The reasoning for this exercise being a great injury prevention is:

  • Functional exercise
  • Activates and strengthens your glutes: should be the source of your power
  • Improves your single leg stability: runners you are continually putting your body under this demand
  • Strengthens your adductor, which I said last week quite often gets neglected
  • Stats for adductors: 13% in one season in football, 23% in two seasons of rugby, 43% in 3 seasons of ice hockey of all accountable injuries


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