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Fat Loss Competition

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fat loss competitionThis week sees the the start of the 12 Week Body Transformation challenge. Personal Trainer, Daniel Wellard has developed this competition to help motivate his Personal Training and Indoor Bootcamp clients to reach their fat loss targets. The goal is for every participant to reach their fat loss goal by April 4th 2014.
Daniel has divided all participants into 7 groups and each group contains 5-6 people. Everybody has their body composition measured every 2 weeks to monitor their progress. Nutritional support is provided to each client, as well as training sessions and exercise programmes to do away from the gym.
Whichever group gets the combined best results wins and each member of that group we win a prize. There is also a special prize for the the best individual performance. All participants are very excited and keen to get started. Daniel Says ‘For 12 weeks we are going to push everybody to reach their goals. Do or do not, there is no try!’
We will keep you posted with the results.

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