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Have a guess what helps our skin keep its youthfulness? – Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Have a guess what helps our skin keep its youthfulness? 


****Regular Exercise****


For weeks, months and years people who know me have to listen to me  bang on about the benefits regular exercise. ‘It’s a fantastic habit to have as it helps us stay young and enjoy life’ – I say. 


When talking about the benefits of exercise, the main focuses is on (and rightly so) improving heart health, as well as reducing the risk of many diseases including certain cancers and type 2 diabetes risk. We all want to live a long, mobile and fit existence.


In addition to these benefits, it was brought to my attention yesterday that the health of our skin benefits greatly from regular exercise. Tell that to the frown lines on my forehead!!


There are many lotions and potions that are on the market which nourish the skin and ultimately makes the skin more youthful. But, one of the best things we all can do if we want our skin to look good is perform regular exercise.


When you rock up to my Bootcamp or PT sessions and experience the joy of exercise, you increase circulation. Increasing blood flow helps nourish skin cells and keeps the skin vibrant. 


So, keep training and stay looking as young as you possibly can. 


Here is an example of the benefits……
Before:                                                                             After:

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