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How to make 2013/14 your best season ever

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football physioFrom Sunday league to the English premier there’s no reason to rest on your laurels this season

Taking part is all well and good, but anyone with a competitive edge will tell you that sport is more fun when you are winning.


In decades gone by, a football ‘physio’ was just a guy with a bucket of water, happy to liberally apply a magic sponge to players regardless of the injury. At a push, some of the more progressive teams might even have kitted out their physio with a can of magic spray.


It’s not been until the last decade or so that professional football has really grasped the benefits of utilising a genuine, fully qualified physiotherapist in the preparation and treatment of players. Finally, though, the significance of expert medical support has filtered down, and even non-league players are growing to understand that it takes more than just training on the pitch to get the best out of themselves.


Sports services at Physio4Life

At Physio4Life we see a growing number of keen sportsmen and women coming through our door to help them enjoy injury free seasons, improve fitness and enhance recovery between games and matches.


Here are three great services we offer to athletes of all ages and abilities, from world champions to casual amateurs:


  1. 1.       Sports Massage

More than just a luxury to de-stress after a tough day’s work, massage is ideal for individuals facing busy fixture lists and struggling to stay sharp when the games and training sessions rack up.


For more senior players, it can be hard to work on fitness mid-week when your legs are still suffering fatigue from Saturday. Think how much you could build on your fitness if you feel fresh during training and can really push yourself without fear of needing a 4-day recovery.


  1. 2.       Orthotics

Most of us put up with the odd persistent niggle through the course of a season. Even if it puts us off training a little bit and causes discomfort from mid-September through till May. But what if we told you that you could do away with problems in your ankles, calves, hamstrings and back by performing analysis of your feet?


Whether it’s football, rugby or hockey playing the sport you love keeps you on your feet for long periods of time. As the shock absorbers of the body, your soles are the root of many problems. Line things up properly, though, and you’ll not only distribute energy correctly up through your legs and spine when you run – you’ll also be able to exercise more efficiently. Being able to go faster and harder for longer with fewer injuries is the perfect recipe for a successful season.


  1. 3.       Personal Training

Some people believe that a personal trainer is a luxury. But value for money comes from results not just owning a gym membership. For sportsmen and women starting a new season, you’ll no doubt have things you want to work on; things to help you get better on the field of play. Utilise the expertise of a qualified personal trainer and you could see a significant improvement.


And for those in need of rehabilitation after a knock, an off-season operation or a niggle, PTs can give you exercises to strengthen and condition your weak spots so that you not only come back the same athlete as before – you come back better.


Call Physio4Life now on 0208 704 5998 and find out how we can help you make 2013/14 your finest season to date.


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