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‘I can’t stop snacking whilst I’m cooking dinner’ – Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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I had a chat with one of my clients last night who wanted to stop snacking before dinner. It’s a habit we all do. It’s a trap I fall into on a Friday afternoon. I get home and because I’m tired I start raiding the cupboards and fridge. 


It’s 7 or 8pm and you’ve just got home form work or the gym. The last time you ate was at lunchtime. Blood sugar is low, hunger is raging, you’re tired and it’s 20 minutes to wait until you’ve cooked dinner (because you’re good and you don’t eat ready meals). What do you do – SNACK!!!


As dinner is cooking the smells fill the kitchen which enhances hunger. ‘I need a snack before dinner’ you tell yourself. Tomatoes are not appealing, fruit is not appealing. What is appealing is super rewarding food. Food that will make you feel better. Wine, beer, cheese, crisps, eggs, bread, breadsticks etc etc. All of a sudden you are slumped in the middle of you’re kitchen, full of junk food and surrounded by food packets. Now your dinner is ready. 


A slight exaggeration, I hope. The point is – how can we prevent this behaviour?


Here are some ideas


  • After your evening workout, drink a 20-30g protein shake. Possibly add 10g of L-Glutamine (an amino acid which surpasses sugar cravings).
  • Make sure you’re hydrated. Drink 500ml of water. Sometimes thirst is confused with hunger.
  • Have a late afternoon snack. Such as
    • Small bowl of salad and chicken (or other cold meat/fish)
    • Soup – Souper filling (pardon the pun!).
    • Oatcakes and cold meat?
    • Berries, apples, pear, cherries
    • Celery, carrots, salsa, guacamole.


If anyone has other ideas, please let me know.



Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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