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If 93 million is the answer then what is the question? By Faye Burge, Senior Physiotherapist at Physio4Life

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Calling all work out warriors!

If 93 million is the answer then what is the question?

Is it a) how many miles is it to Jupiter?
b) how much money do the hard working team at Physio4life make the director per annum?
c) how many selfies are taken on a daily basis?

Well ‘self five’ if you opted for C!
selfie 1 faye

We have indeed become a bunch of pouting, head tilting, doe eyed individuals who love a damn good snap shot of our own mugs! With the pressures of the media and the ever growing desire to be defined as desirable surely it’s time we changed the view of the perfect selfie? So in a bid to revamp the ‘perfectly pouted image of perfection’ I suggest we don the gym a kit, view sweating as a right of passage and push ourselves to the to glory that is the hurt locker! We want to see you guys at your truest, most human form busting a gut. Let’s leave behind the faux belief of physical perfection or some how being perceived as so will make us happier. Who knows maybe you are at your most beautiful when you’re pushing your self to your limit?!

selfie 2 faye


We want your selfie, be it post weight throwing in the gym, mid spin class or passed out on the grass post gazelle like sprint. Send your glorious, gritty, raw selfie into our Facebook page and the best shot will receive a free massage. Be true. Be you. Be human. Let’s get our sweat on!!!

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