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‘I’m 67 years old, why am I lifting weights in the gym?’ – Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Today I was asked – ‘I’m 67 years old, why am I lifting weights in the gym?’


There are lots of fantastic answers to this question. Here are just a few…..


Unfortunately, as we age our body begins to favour deterioration, rather than building. This is especially true for our muscles and bones. The deterioration leads to


  • Getting up every morning and because your body is soo stiff and achy its takes an hour to begin to move like a human.
  • Reduced metabolism and an increase in fat
  • Reduced strength
  • Ultimately feeling ‘old’ and weak.
  • Waking every morning with a new ache/pain.


I take great pleasure in training guys over 60 years old who are beginning to experience some of symptoms. I can say, hand on heart, that these guys have greatly benefited from regular exercise with me. Some even have music quizzes (guess the year if songs) so increase the ‘fun’ aspect of training. 


These guys now


  • Have less aches and pains. Although, not even regular exercise can totally eliminate the aches of getting older.
  • They are getting stronger
  • Less fat and look more toned
  • Ultimately they feel younger, look younger and have more of a skip in their stride!


So – Yes, lifting weights and/or going to the gym is extremely important for the over 60’s.



Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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