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My lent challenge just got juicier. Bring on the girls! – Daniel Wellard Physio4Life Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

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My lent challenge jugot juicier. Bring on the girls!


On Tuesday, I announced that I’m giving up chocolate and crisps for lent (I have started already, which is before the official start date of lent). Now I’ve recruited some of the Physiotherapists and admin staff to join in and have a go.


Faye, Jade and Natasha have all agreed to give up CHOCOLATE, BISCUITS, SWEETS AND CRISPS for lent. I’ve started already, whilst the girls are beginning on Ash Wednesday (18 feb). Over 40 days without one of their favourite pleasures.


When you come to the gym, feel free to check in with them to see if they are being good!


Whoever fails to sustain the challenge has to take the winners out for lunch!


This story has three important points when it comes to goal setting. Whether your goal is fat loss, I feel you are more likely to succeed if you adopt the following.


1- The power of letting others know your intentions or goals. For most people, if friends or family know your goals (whether it’s fat loss, fitness gains etc) it is more likely goals will be achievable.


2- Set targets for the near future. If someone wants to lose 15kg of fat, it’s better to set short term targets, in order to achieve the ultimate long term goal. I.e. Drop 3% by end of month.


3- Reward yourself. Because the girls are mad sugar addicts, I feel confident at least one will succumb to the lure of sweets, chocs etc, therefore, I get a free lunch! REWARD. CH-CHING!


Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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