Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR)

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The Resting Metabolic Rate test (RMR) determines the amount of energy (calories) your body is using at rest. This measurement is made by analyzing the amount of oxygen your body uses and the amount of carbon dioxide your body produces.

The tests will give you:

RMR Fat Burning Efficiency – You will find out what heart rates you burn the most “bodyfat” as an energy source.

Daily Calorific Burn – The amount of calories your body currently burns at rest and the type of fuel mixture (Fats v Carbs)being burned. You will be totally set in knowing how to optimize your diet and nutrition.

Nutritional Plan – You will find out exactly how many calories to eat to either put on weight whilst avoiding putting on bodyfat or lose weight, without letting the body go into starvation mode due to an excessive reduced calorie deficit

Almost all of the energy your body produces is created through aerobic (oxygen utilizing) metabolism. The oxygen is combined with carbohydrates and fats to make energy in your body’s tissues. This energy is used to keep your organs and tissues working properly. When carbohydrates and fats are broken down to make energy carbon dioxide is produced. The percentage of the energy created from carbohydrates and fats can be determined by measuring the carbon dioxide your body produces.

What can a Resting Metabolic Rate test tell me?

The results of a Resting Metabolic Rate test can tell you, your doctor or trainer if you have an increased or decreased metabolism, and if your body primarily uses fats or carbohydrates for energy. This information can be used to determine the amount of calories you need to eat each day to maintain, gain or lose weight. Dieticians, Sports Nutritionists and Coaches often use this information when designing diets for their clients.

How is a Resting Metabolic Rate Test performed?

During the Resting Metabolic Rate test you will be asked to relax in a chair while your oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide output, and heart rate are measured for 15 to 20 minutes. To measure the amount of oxygen your body is using and carbon dioxide it is producing, you will be asked to wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose (similar to an airplane pilot’s mask). The face mask will not provide you with extra air, you will only be breathing from the air in the environment. A heart rate monitor strap will be attached to your chest to monitor your heart rate and rhythm. It is very important that you remain as relaxed as possible to get the most accurate results.

How should I prepare for a Resting Metabolic Rate test?

Various activities may influence your metabolic rate and should be avoided before testing. For at least 8-12 hours before your test you should not eat or drink anything. You may drink water as needed. Exercise or physical labor should be avoided the day before the test. You will be wearing an heart rate monitor during the test, so try not wear fabric which might be static. Take your medications as prescribed unless directed otherwise by your doctor.

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