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Working alongside the British Rowing Team

A brief overview of Lucy’s incredible experience working with the British Rowing Team in their training.    I felt incredibly privileged to be chosen to join the British

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Why the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been labelled ‘dangerous’

So it turns out Qatar is quite hot! It will surely go down as one of the great mysteries in world football that after a year-long bidding process

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What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Here at Physio4Life we have Clinical Specialists in a variety of sports, such as triathlon running, cycling, swimming, rowing, rugby, tennis and skiing. This would enable you to

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“Big Improvement in my energy levels and recovery rates”

I noticed a big improvement in my energy levels and recovery rates.

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“The service was fantastic, friendly and personal, I would recommend to anyone”

Training for this year’s 2011 Paris Marathon, my first, I came across a few strains in my lower leg and foot…

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Sports Performance and Pain Free Training – Physiotherapy Testimonial

Since having treatment for a long-term knee problem at Physio4life I have returned to pain-free training…

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Completed the Ironman after Hamstring Injury – Physiotherapy Testimonial

Well I did it and it all went to plan! In fact it went so to plan I was able to actively enjoy the whole race…

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Lower Limb Injury but went onto complete the Ultra Trial Mont Blanc- Physiotherapy Testimonial

In large part thanks to you both, I completed the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc last on Sunday. My leg injuries…

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“I can’t praise Physio4life highly enough”

I can’t praise Physio4life highly enough. Mark diagnosed my injury (which the A&E doctor missed)…

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“You can’t afford NOT to use them! Thanks again EVERYONE!”

Physio4Life is world class. Mark Saunders’ advice not only helped me beat my marathon target by 40 minutes…

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“Thank you so much for all the treatment and positive advice – worked brilliantly”

It was fantastic! 4 hrs 22 mins! I am delighted! (But it does mean I have to aim for 4 hrs if there is a next time!)…

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Pilates Improves Rowing Performance – Pilates Testimonial

Rowing relies heavily on core stability in the torso region and relaxation of all the major and minor muscle groups…

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“thank you for dealing with my ankle so professionally and successfully”

I just wanted to thank you for dealing with my ankle so professionally and successfully. I am back to cycling full on…

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“I got round – the marathon – without stopping and with zero shin pains, so well done you!”

Mark, I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for all the training tips, physio and massages from you (and Evelyn). I got round without stopping and…

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