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Stuart Wishart

Senior Chartered Physiotherapist
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Stuart completed his studies in Australia, graduating in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in health sciences and a masters of physiotherapy.

Since graduating he has gained experience working in a number a settings, treating patients across varying stages of the life span, with varying degrees of athletic pursuits. He treats injuries across all areas of the body, although has developed a keen interest in hip, knee and shoulder injuries after working closely with specialist surgeons of these areas back in Australia. Stuart has also completed further training in the areas of lower limb tendinopathy and load management principles for the running athlete, allowing for greater expertise is his treatment of running based and endurance athletes.

Stuart takes a holistic approach to treatment, considering the body as a whole rather than restricting the human body merely to its parts. This approach leads to consideration of the vast array of factors that can contribute to the development of pain and injury, which may be present in regards to each individual patient. He believes that we all athletes to some degree, we just choose to compete in different events. Whether that be a sporting pursuit or just the movement required of us all in daily life.

On a personal level Stuart has a large interest in strength and conditioning and strength/ power athletes. This originates from his own involvement training in the sport of power lifting for a number of years back in Australia, last competing in 2016 prior to relocating to the UK. He has continued to develop his skills both personally and professionally in this field to allow him to better apply this skill set to his patients of all different walks of life.

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