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The beauty of will power! – By Faye Burge, Senior Physiotherapist at Physio4Life

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The beauty of will power!
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Normally our articles to you splendid bunch of clients are fuelled with information regarding training, injuries and normally a sound glut exercise thrown in for your pleasure. Well, you may be intrigued to find that this article is actually more of a thank you.   Having spent 40 days and 40 nights “on lent” it really brought home to me the act of will power and how hard it is to sustain a certain (or some what unnatural) behaviour.  In my case forgoing; chocolates, crisps, sweets cakes or crisps. The risk of temptation only made slightly easier by knowing that should you be caught with any of the above offending goods, you were likely to be harpooned by our PT Dan!

With this in mind I reflected on what we ask of you, the client, to under go on a daily (or in some cases 3x a day) basis regarding your rehab. For the half hour you are in our Physio rooms your health (both body and mind), are of the up most importance to us.  Finding a way to help you sustain the best you can be (aware I sound a little like an army recruitment desk), remains our primary goal! On occasion we physios can get some what exasperated (only out of love), when exercises/rehabilitation aren’t completed at home – sometimes for very good reasons and sometimes out of fatigue or laziness.  So for every time you’ve dragged your back side off the couch to complete a rep, put the kids down 5mins earlier than normal so you can squeeze in that extra set or only run 3km instead of your normal 20km to allow your injury to heal-  I thank you.  Healing is natural, injury is frustrating and rehabilitation can be irksome but…but doing what you love pain free is always worth it.  So keep going and remember your support crew at Physio4life are with you every step of the way!

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