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Train Hard Now, Feel Good This Summer – Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life PT and Nutritionist

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I had a consultation on Saturday morning with one of my clients. She has a target, an end goal……and told me she want to do 4-5 sessions per week to improve her chances of feeling fabulous in the summer.
train hard feel good

She has already booked in 5 training sessions (not solely with me) for next week, and today was her 5th for this week. She is maximising her time in the UK. She does a lot of travel with work and when she does, she finds it hard to train.


If she manages to achieve this as well as eating well, she will easily shift the fat.


Well, we’re close to another end of the week.


Did everyone reach their goals last week?


Train 4 x per week?

Consumed a diet rich in nutrients, low in junk?

Limited or avoided alcohol?


Next week is another week. Another opportunity to take a step closer to your end goal.


By the end of the week, we will enter May.


May is a month closer to the summer. A month closer to being in great shape, looking good, fitting into the summer clothes (which are a struggle at the mo) and feeling fantastic.


Remember, HAVE NO REGRETS. Don’t be the person that looks back (in the summer) and thinks, if only……


Check your diary…..when can you train. Book it, do it!


Have no regrets!



Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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