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Wellard’s Fitness Camp Putney

Come and Discover How Dan’s Friendly Indoor Fitness Bootcamp in Putney Will Get You Fitter, Slimmer and in the Shape of Life - For Life
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  • Become part of a supportive community of likeminded people who will inspire you to get in the shape of your life
  • 45 minute Group Personal Training Workouts, in a fully equipped private gym, that you’ll love
  • Lose the weight you want, without giving up your favourite food or drink
  • Expert Nutrition advice that will help you overcome the complex challenges of losing weight, and will get you fitting into your favourite clothes again
  • Get weighed and measured on a regular basis to check your progress, and keep you focused and on track
  • FULL Access to ‘no equipment’ Workouts, you can do at home to BOOST your results
  • 100% results guaranteed or your money back

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Physio4Life Testimonial Image

I joined Dan’s bootcamp in May last year and it has been a life changing transformational experience.

I have always been an athlete, a tennis player, and enjoy doing sport in general. But life commitments with work, business trips, and then the busy schedule of children activities, etc meant that over the last 15 years I was only playing tennis 1 or max 2 times a week without any other exercise or nutritional changes to my diet. This doesn’t sound too bad for weekly exercise, but my weight was not coming down and I was losing the motivation. My wife had been attending Dan’s bootcamp for a while and she kept insisting how good it was. She knows me well and kept saying I would really like it. I don’t like gyms and I don’t really like running, but she kept insisting this is not like a normal gym. It has a group of friendly people with their own goals looking to improve their fitness and push their selfs while having a fun environment.

I decided to try it eventually and I have to say I got hooked straightaway. Dan certainly makes a huge difference as his approach is pragmatic, realistic and friendly. He pushes you to improve within realistic goals, but also doesn’t advise silly diets and keeps it real. I very quickly found myself doing Personal Bests, ringing the bell, adding up points, etc and the accountability factor made a huge difference. The results were very quick and within a few months I started losing weight. More importantly I learned its not just about  weight but about fat loss.

I also learned how important the nutrition side is. Not only I now properly understand what carbs, protein, fats, calories are, but actually it was fascinating to see your body asking for the right foods. I very quickly found myself swapping the daily Pan-au-Chocolate at breakfast for a Granola with yogurt, having more protein based snacks during the day, and drinking a lot more water.

  14 months ago I was at 92 kg and 22% body fat. I had not been able to break the 90 kg mark for over 10 years. Now I am just about to break 85 kg and have just gone below 14% body fat.  This is a major achievement to be below 15% body fat as that was my initial target when I started. Seeing your measurements during the nutrition assessments go down really pumps you up. It is so exciting to see the results you want and that motivates you further to continue putting in the effort and commitment.

Planning has become an important part of my routine. Not only to ensure I make it to bootcamp 2 or 3 times a week, but also planning WOAH (WorkOuts At Home) and the eating habits. The Fit&Thrive App that Dan created has great workout routines for when you can’t make it and also for tracking food. If I know during the weekend there will be a night out with friends, then I plan the week in order to ensure that by the end of the week I have not gone over my calories and have done the necessary workouts in order to achieve the weekly goals. And yes although there are long term goals, there are also weekly goals. I learned this through one of Dan’s challenges. It started as a challenge but has now become a routine.

Now a days I’m working more efficiently, sleeping better, eating better, and enjoying food like never before. When I travel, I now have the habit of doing a workout in the hotel gym or room using the Fit&Thrive App, followed by a good protein based breakfast. Dinners and drinks during the busy work schedule are inevitable but by planning workouts and eating healthy, it is possible to achieve the planned goals. It is also great to know that if you have a dip, Dan and the rest of the Wellard Warriors group will help you get back on track and motivated.

Thanks Dan and thanks to my wife for persuading me. I really look forward to continue in Dan’s bootcamp and doing more Personal Bests!

Physio4Life Testimonial Image

Although I was running and doing yoga, I felt that I needed something more intense to really boost my fitness and challenge myself.

I saw a difference very quickly after joining. I feel fitter because classes encourage you to push yourself in a way that can be difficult if you’re just out running on your own. I am much more toned and slim, and I definitely feel stronger. I have gone from being able to do a handful of press ups, to bashing out 2 sets of 15 without too much trouble. I also had some knee pain when I was running which inhibited how much I pushed myself, whereas in Dan’s fitness camp the programme varies every time so you avoid injury but still really work up a sweat!

Getting weighed and measured regularly, and keeping track of my diet and PBs on the equipment has made it really easy to stay focussed and to track my progress. It’s hugely motivational.

I am much more aware of my food intake and less likely to go totally off the rails. I also have more energy and sleep better.

It’s great value and you can see results really quickly.

Physio4Life Testimonial Image

When I first met with Dan, he was very deliberate in helping me find out exactly what my goals were, and why I wanted to achieve them.

Of great value to me was Dan then confirming that although ambitious, they were achievable.

More importantly, Dan then mapped out a program to achieve the goals.

It took hard work on my part, and Dan was always there to encourage me and give me additional tips on exercise, nutrition, health and eating.

Dan was a constant source of confidence in me as we tracked my progress.

I’m delighted with the results of the first four months and look forward to continuing my work with Dan over the long term.

Personal Training Team

Our team of expert Personal Trainers specialise in the innovative Biosignature Modulation System for client’s wishing to achieve spot fat reduction and improved health, fitness and vitality. The methods and techniques used on the ground breaking programme have been scientifically proven to work. Give Daniel 100% commitment to the programme and he guarantees you will achieve your goals. Read more about Personal Training.

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