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YES THAT WORD AGAIN…….PERSEVERANCE! – By Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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The penny dropped


Nearly every client who come to see me for PT or Bootcamp want to lose fat and keep it off. It’s by far the number one goal for most of my clients.


So, when we start of working together (me and the new client), we set off on a journey towards their goal. Their target. It’s something that will make them happy and feel fabulous. In a nutshell.


The first session is the consultation. Now, this is such an important step. It’s during this time that me and the client set out a plan. I show them the best nutritional steps to take  for health and fat loss as well out working out a training plan that will work for them.


Some take to these steps like a duck to water and will lose fat straight away and keep it off. However, for some adapting to a new lifestyle takes a bit more time and perseverance. YES THAT WORD AGAIN…….PERSEVERANCE!


Take this lady I saw tonight for a consultation. She has had several consultation since she began the programme nearly a year ago.


A super plus point is that she has been consistently exercising for a year now, and is much stronger and fitter. She comes to my bootcamps and now does yoga. And although she is very happy with that side of things, her ultimate goal (losing some body fat) wasn’t being achieved.


IN THESE LAST FEW WEEKS, THE PENNY DROPPED. She stopped the snacking on biscuits and other processed junk, she increased her exercise and BOOOOOOOOOM, the weight has dropped off. 3.5kg of fat loss.


So for this lady, she didn’t start off as well as she’d liked. But she persevered, She’s always been accountable to me by continuing to come to assessments and now she is getting the rewards.


I asked her what’s changed. She said, ‘I did what you’ve been telling me to do, all along’. 

Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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