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Biomechanical Assessment

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Sports Screening – Running Analysis – Orthotics

Biomechanical Assessment with Gait Scan and Video Examination

Stage 1 – Subjective Assessment

We investigate any issues you are experiencing and take a full medical history. We look to identify if any problems are due to extrinsic or intrinsic factors or indeed both.

Stage 2 – Biomechanical Objective Assessment

We take a closer look at the mechanics of the foot and other areas of the lower limb taking into account some or all of the areas detailed below:

  • Foot Posture Index
  • Hubshcers Manoeuvre
  • Arch height in both sitting and standing position
  • Functional Movt Patterns to identify foot pronation and pelvic stability
  • Joint range of movement: big toe, ankle, knee and hip
  • Locate any calluses on the foot as an indicator of pronation type, foot movement and any excessive pressures exerted when walking or running
  • Muscle length and flexibility of hamstring, calf, quads which may affect movement
  • Neural Dynamic Assessment to determine  if the nervous system is causing any issues
  • Foot measurements in both prone state and standing
  • Standing posture to indentify any knock knee, toe in or toe out and squinting patella

At this stage we apply markings down the back of the leg and heel in order to be able to take measurements more accurately of the foot alignment and also to assist with the video analysis. By the end of this stage of the examination we will have a good understanding how the joints, muscles and nerves are functioning and how this may be impacting upon the gait or any other problems that are being experienced.

Stage 3 – Foot Scan

Using the latest technology developed by TOG International our experts take a number of foot scans on a pressure plate to determine how your foot functions and which parts are either restricted, misaligned (forefoot or rear-foot varus), moving too much or too little, or collapsed. These findings are considered with the results from part 1 and part 2 of the examination to determine whether or not orthotics will be useful in controlling or correcting foot alignment.

Stage 4 – Walking and Video Running Analysis

We analyze the gait at walk and/or run in bare feet, with a natural stride, on a treadmill. We use the state of the art Quintic Software to produce a high quality video and complete an analysis of what is occurring at the hip, pelvis, knee and foot during motion. We are able to assess stability on landing and the action during mid-stance and toe-off. We also examine running style heel, flat-foot and mid-foot, and make appropriate recommendations to improve comfort and performance. This analysis is completed in bare feet rather than in shoes or trainers to clearly observe the impact the foot biomechanics have on walking and running and to the rest of your body (shoes/trainers could be worn to analyze the suitability of particular foot wear by request).

Stage 5 – Discussion of Results and Casting

On completion of the examination the results are explained and orthotics will be suggested if appropriate or other recommendations may be discussed. Generally wearing orthotics does help most people, especially runners with over-use injuries.  However, they will also consider other issues that may need to be addressed such as; muscle length, stability at the pelvis, footwear and training programs. There are many different types of orthotics and our experts take pride in recommending the very best to suit your needs. All of the orthotics we provide are tailor made for the individual. Each is separately cast and bespoke, as all feet are different in shape, size, arch and height.

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