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Hugh G

Physio4Life Client

Can I just say a massive thank you to Aaron, extremely patient, clear with the advice, considerate as I hate needles and the practical in showing and explaining the stretches and likely recovery process. Please pass this on to both him but also his manager- excellent service and I will be coming back as a result.


Physio4Life Client

""The treatment I received was first class""

While training for the New York marathon I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder and neck that meant I had to stop running immediately. The next day my neck was so stiff I couldn’t turn my head and as the race was only weeks away I called Physio4Life and made an appointment for later in the week.
Not only did Rebecca thoroughly investigate the issue but she also took the time to understood that my goal was to be fit to run in New York. I was worried about missing training sessions and I was also worried I might not make the start line after months of training.
The treatment I received was first class and I was so confident Rebecca had identified and treated the issue that I was back in light training three days later before going on to successfully complete the marathon.
I would recommend Rebecca and Physio4Life to anyone who is looking for good quality, expert treatment.

Simon Rey

Physio4Life Client

"“I’ve benefited from the ‘one-stop’ care and ‘friends’ style environment”"

I am not a natural user of a gym, so when I met Mark Saunders some weeks before he opened Physio4Life; I assumed that our relationship would be purely social. For Christmas that year, I was given a number of personal training sessions with Daniel Wellard…I admit to thinking that socks would have been a better gift!! How wrong I was! From the beginning, I found that this was no ordinary health making facility. Daniel’s first and foremost interest was in me – what did I want to achieve, how could we make it fun and yet beneficial…not for him, the gym membership that is unused after the 1st February (when all New Year resolutions are automatically cancelled!).

Physio4Life is so much more than just Daniel and his excellent Personal Training. I’ve benefited from the ‘one-stop’ care and ‘friends’ style environment…Mark was interested and concerned when I admitted to still having problems with an old shoulder injury – something unfixed by months at a previous physiotherapists…he had a quick look at it, and then it was straight down the corridor to one of his excellent team of physio’s. I have to admit to enjoying my visits to Physio4Life. Try it – and you’ll be back for more!!

P. Piredda

Physio4Life Client

"Physio4Life Run Cycle Open Day, October 2011"

Fiona, thank you for organizing a wonderful open day on Sunday, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I travelled to East Putney in pain, but to sit at the lectures organized by leading experts, and interacting with sports-minded guests was a fantastic experience.

Chrissie Wellington

Physio4Life Client

"Chrissie Wellington – World Ironman Champion 2009"

Physio4Life was recommended to me when I returned to the UK after winning the World Iron Man Championship in October 2007. The centre provides the ideal ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything an athlete could need – physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, personal training, nutritional advice, gait analysis, plates and much more besides. The practitioners are consummate professionals and most importantly, communicate regularly with each other to develop a holistic approach to injury prevention and treatment. This really helped when I had a shoulder problem and was able to get physio, acupuncture and massage under one roof and quickly managed to nip the nasty niggle in the bud! Massage is something that I take really seriously, and I am obsessed with getting a high quality rub down once a week. The deep sports massage I got at Physio4Life definitely helped me recover from the stresses and strains that professional triathlon places on my body, and ensured I remained fit, reinvigorated and injury free. I was particularly impressed with the masseur’s deep knowledge of biomechanics, and an understanding of what I specifically needed. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Physio4Life to anyone, regardless of whether they do sport or not!

Dion Harrison

Physio4Life Client

"Dion Harrison – World Long Distance Triathlon Champion 25-29AG"

Over the last year, Physio4life has enabled me to compete at my best week in week out throughout the triathlon season. Regular sports massage from Gemma and physio on a shoulder injury from Nicola are the only reason I was able to qualify and compete at all 4 Triathlon World Championships in 2008. Thank you guys!

Sohrab R Framjee

Physio4Life Client

"“I shall go out of my way to recommend your clinic to friends & colleagues”"

I always believe in giving credit when due, therefore at the outset, I would like to mention that not only was I extremely impressed with Physio4Life, but Katherine Cran [Senior Physio Therapist] was excellent !!!


During the initial consultation, Katherine took a great deal of personal interest & besides providing therapy she spent time in explaining my problems based on the letter sent by Mr Jason Harvey [Consultant Spinal & Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Lister Hospital]. In addition, she is a person, who does not watch the clock & gave me well over an hour for a consultation, which is normally 1 hour.


Further, I am pleased to say that I do feel better after my initial visit yesterday & I am looking forward to my next visit later today.


In view of the above, I shall go out of my way to recommend your clinic to friends & colleagues. Thanks & kind regards,

Nina Nyman

Physio4Life Client

"“It’s amazing how much better I feel”"

For nearly two years, I’ve suffered with problems with my back, neck and shoulders. Every couple of months my shoulders would jam so badly that I would have to take time off from work as I wasn’t able to sit up properly and struggled to even put clothes on. I would have acupuncture and massage treatment to relief the pain which would help temporarily but the pain would always return after a few days. In January 2010 I went to see Mark Saunders at Physio4Life who quickly realised that my problem wasn’t in my back or on my shoulders but in fact in my ribs. He started to treat my thoracic rings instead and it was amazing to see how quickly it helped. Already on my first visit, by Mark holding my ribs, I managed to turn my head pain free for the first time in months. I continued with 8 more sessions and by mid February, the stiffness and pain had fully disappeared. What’s even better is that a month on, the pain has stayed away. It’s amazing how much better I feel, in the two years I had gotten so accustomed to the pain that I just accepted as part of my life and had forgotten what “normal” feels like. It was a pleasure being treated at Physio4Life as the staff are always friendly, professional and clearly passionate about their work. I can warmly recommend them.

Charlotte Blackman

Physio4Life Client

"“I genuinely don’t think I would have been as successful without her expert help and am very pleased to be among her clients!”"

I have been a competitive road cyclist for two complete seasons and attained Elite status in September 2008. I have known Mark for a few years as I sculled at Vesta Rowing Club on the Putney Embankment for 6 years. When I started bike racing, Mark suggested that I take up Pilates as a useful tool to compliment my cycling. My improved core stability has benefited my cycling and whether I am climbing hills or riding flat out on the drops, I’m far more aware of my muscles and which of them need too be working and engaged.

It was therefore natural for me to ask Physio4Life for help when I broke my collar-bone during a race in September 2007. I saw a member of the physiotherapy team, Andrew Bennett and was given exercises which helped me to regain scapular control and build my strength back so that I could begin training again. I was also given an “action plan” and Andrew very much oversaw my recovery, helping me get the most out of the NSH consultants I saw by formulating questions for me to ask them and writing a letter to explain the support I was getting from Physio4life.

On the back of this 2008 was successful year for me and I raced twice a week, most weeks from April to September. I even managed to compete in some time trial events, something which seem impossible at the end of the previous year. I saw sports masseuse, Gemma Eaves most weeks throughout the latter part of the season to help me with releasing tight muscles and combating latent sciatic pain. Gemma is a fantastic sports masseuse and a bright and cheerful person, which made my sometimes painful sessions very welcome indeed. I genuinely don’t think I would have been as successful without her expert help and am very pleased to be among her clients!

Vikki Sercombe

Physio4Life Client

"“I owe a big thanks to Physio4Life and all the staff for putting me back together”"

Age 36, Marathon runner with a PB of 2hrs 58 minutes in April 2006.
Current aim: Training for Ironman Switzerland July 2009.

I have been going to Physio 4 Life for over 5 years now with a number of injuries related to running and various other sports that I do. I am a former triathlete turned marathon runner, and represented my age group at the Triathlon World Championship in Edmonton 2001 and Duathlon World Championships in Rimini 2001. I took up marathon running in late 2002, running a 3hrs11min marathon in London 2003 but started to suffer with problems, I ran 3.06 in 2004 but withdrew in 2005 through injury. With the help of Mark Saunders and his team I was able to run a sub 3 hour marathon in the London Marathon April 2006.

Current Situation
Following a summer in 2008 of significant mileage on the bike as a result of not being able to run or swim I was diagnosed with a torn subscapularis in my right shoulder which was recommended for surgery. I decided against this and underwent intense rehab with Matt at Physio4Life instead to see what progress could be made without surgery; and after 3 months of regular physio, the shoulder healed very well on its own and I am now back weight training and swimming 3 times a week. Since September I have been attending 1-2-1 Pilates lessons with Rosalie and it has made a significant difference to my core strength, back pain and my strength and it is now a regular part of my daily routine. With the additional help of Mark, he has worked with me to build up my strength and I have gradually over the last 3 months worked up from barely being able to run as the muscles weren’t engaging to running comfortably for 30 minutes on a treadmill at between 8 and 9 minute mile pace. I have also been having massages with Evelyn which I swear by.

My conditioning and strength are far greater than they have ever been I owe a big thanks to Physio4Life and all the staff for putting me back together every time I break, running related or not and for the advice that I have received which has been invaluable, (I’ve learnt to listen, very hard to do as an athlete!), and for believing in me when I stopped being able to do it myself.

Anna Steward

Physio4Life Client

"“It just goes to show with the right advice and a sensible approach, all things are possible!”"

I came to Physio 4 life quite worried. I had been training for the London marathon since November and all had been going to plan, then I got a really sore knee which would hurt every time I ran. The initial session with Russell put me at ease that I should be able to run the race, as long as I took the measures he suggested. I discovered that I hadn’t been working enough on my core stability and strength in my glutes, abs and quads so this was something we addressed together. I also had my ITB band taped which made such a difference. When race day came round I felt a mixture of fear but also relief that I had at least followed the advice of a professional and was hopefully in as best a shape as possible under the circumstances. One of the challenges Russell had set me was to do 3 hours straight on a cross trainer in preparation to try to replicate as much as I could the experience of race day, given that I couldn’t do any of my long runs. Though boring at the time, this really paid off. I was in pain throughout the marathon but cardio-vascually felt fine. It just goes to show with the right advice and a sensible approach, all things are possible!

Jessie Reid

Physio4Life Client

"“I am experiencing no aches and pains whilst running. I have also increased my distance to half marathons”"

I first met Mark from Physio4Life back in 2005 at a triathlon exhibition. Having had years of hip and knee pain and a range of treatments from Physio to hydrocortisone injections with minimal improvement, I didn’t see I had much to lose talking to Mark about his custom made orthotics. I made the journey up from Brighton to Putney for my first assessment. I was impressed with how thorough the assessment technique was. I was in there for a good hour and after lots of gait walking and running, I finished off by poking my feet in a foam mould! Three weeks later I returned to have my custom made orthotics fitted. They felt weird at first but within two weeks I started to feel so much better during all of my triathlon training. My hips and knees soon weren’t bothering me at all, I haven’t looked back since. I have just picked up my third pair of orthotics and I am still experiencing no aches and pains whilst running. I have also increased my distance to half marathons. My old orthotics are now perfect for my wellies at Glastonbury, for all that walking and dancing. They are well worth the journey and I would highly recommend them.


Physio4Life Client

"Runners Knee – Physiotherapy Testimonial"

Having played hockey, lacrosse and tennis from a very young age, I took a couple of years out post-university before picking up my hockey stick again in 2005/6. I had never been seriously injured in my youth other than the occasional bump or twisted ankle. However, I started showing symptoms in 2006/7 of runner’s knee and pain in the arch of my feet (mostly left side) after playing any sport or when standing for long periods of time.

The symptoms were managed to a degree by physiotherapy with calf/thigh massage, strengthening exercises and acupuncture. The knee pain continued and so I was referred to a consultant surgeon. I had MRI scans which showed inflammation of the patella tendon and the arch pain was attributed to this. I was recommended to continue with Physiotherapy.

By 2008, the arch pain was still present but the knee pain had gone. The arch was considerably worse in the left foot, feeling like a knife had cut into my arch and it felt tight and about to snap but I also had the start of severe ankle pain on the top of the joint of the left ankle.

I was referred by my GP to a podiatrist, who believed I had one leg longer than the other and gave me off-the-shelf orthotics. My GP also referred me to an ankle consultant, an MRI scan only showed swelling, and so my left ankle joint simply received steroid injections.

The injections were incredibly painful and gave no real relief to my symptoms, so I sought a second opinion from another ankle specialist as I was now unable to play any sport, or even carry on life normally.

This new expert decided that he would carry out further MRI/ X-rays of the ankle joint to see if any thing could be highlighted. These showed swelling but little else, so he decided on a minor ankle keyhole operation to have a closer look. He found that I had scar tissue wrapped around the tendon, ligaments and the synovial capsule and other debris within the joint, which he cleaned up. Within 3 months the ankle pain had gone but the arch pain persisted. I was advised to keep up regular physiotherapy as my symptoms were believed to be Plantar Fasciitis which should fade now I was walking ‘normally’ and not compensating for any ankle pain.

I was still unable to play sport and even commuting was difficult, I needed to wear trainers almost daily and again the arches of both feet were still not improving only getting worse, added to this I was getting severe lumber back pain and neck pain that only strong sport massage was relieving, so I again got referred to another podiatrist, who disagreed with the initial observation about leg length but noted that my calves were exceptionally tight and this could be the issue with the arches. Again it was thought to be an unusual Plantar Fasciitis issue, given the pain was not apparent in the morning but grew steadily worst as the day progressed.

By this point I had decided against any more surgery as no one could pinpoint the issue. I was fitted for more orthotics, a very aggressive pair, solid insoles that lifted the heel of my foot by a considerable amount but also solidly supported my arches on both feet. This relieved the pain a little, but not entirely. I persevered, wearing these daily to commute and took up spinning exercise, as my weight had ballooned from lack of activity. By this point my ankle joints had both started to become painful, on some days I was simply unable to put pressure on one or the other.

Fortunately, I was eventually referred to Physio4life by a colleague. My initial consultation showed no specific issue other than tight calves and a weak core. I received acupuncture and calf massage and the ankle pain considerably reduced. I also commenced Pilates at the clinic to strengthen my core. As there was no obvious improvement in the arch pain I was referred internally to Mark Saunders, as a specialist in lower biomechanics, for his expert opinion.

In the first session with Mark, he suggested treatment to my rib area, which was a completely different approach to anything that had been suggested by anyone previously. Remarkably, by releasing my ribs I gained almost immediate pain relief! While short lived at first, lasting up to a day, frequent treatments over 3 months lengthened the pain free period.

I am now practically pain free the entire time, I am playing hockey and I have even completed, (albeit in a lengthy time) a 5k run with no pain other than being unfit! I have been expertly fitted for custom made orthotics by Mark that are a fantastic fit and more appropriate for my use in sport. I now only return for periodic treatment with Mark to ensure that the pain does not recur. I have also learnt to self release my ribs, ensuring that I do not go back to the days of being in constant pain in my ankles and arches and back.

From being in constant pain and discomfort for the majority of the time and unable to live life normally, I am finally getting back on my feet and having an active life playing sport again. A simple walk is no longer something I shy away from. Even when I do have a bad day due to poor posture at work or not releasing my ribs, it tends to be short lived and milder than before. To say this has changed my life is an understatement; it has allowed to me get on with what I enjoy without being worried about dealing with pain the entire time.

A massive thank you to Mark and his team!

Fiona Ford

Physio4Life Client

"Fiona Ford"

I have benefitted greatly from regular sports massage over the years from expert therapists at Physo4Life to facilitate recovery and quality in my sessions through each training phase. Knowing you’re always in ‘good hands’ gives you the confidence to deliver consistent training, and insight to manage injury niggles before they become an issue, which are essential components in achieving peak performance whether you’re a Pro or age group athlete.

Fiona Ford, BTF L3 Triathlon coach, Professional Triathlete: Top ten Ironman Finisher, 2 x European & World Champion for Age Group

Dominic Londesborough


"Dominic Londesborough @ Fitness4London – Professional Endorsement"

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Physio4Life to my clients

Dominic Londesborough – Fitness4London

John Mcguiness

Physio4Life Client

"“My beer belly is gone, and I’m now going to have to go shopping for some new trousers!!”"

I went to Physio4Life in January for a 10 week session to try and get myself in shape (read that as remove the sizeable beer belly), and also to try and eat healthier.

Right from the very start, even before my first session, Dan had been in contact with me, letting me know how I should be changing my diet, and what I could expect from the course.  Despite a difficult (but enjoyable) first fitness session, I soon adapted to the exercises and program, so that by the end of the 10 week session I was lifting nearly double the weights I had started with on certain exercises, and generally felt and looked a lot better for it. (No falling asleep at my desk at work any more).

This was helped by the regular monitoring of progress, tracking weight loss, fat loss and muscle build as well as other factors to help drive you on to succeed.  Remember, you only get out of this what you put in, and Dan gives you what you need to do to succeed.  Put the effort in and I guarantee you will see the results.  My beer belly is gone, and I’m now going to have to go shopping for some new trousers!!

Shane Lowery

Physio4Life Client

"“Physio4Life Boot Camp gets a strong recommendation from me”"

I have just completed my Boot Camp and would like to share my success.

Overall I have lost over 17lbs of fat over the 10 week period reducing from a weight of 14.2 stone down to 13 stone.  My body fat reduction went from 23% to 16%.

My initial motivation to join the Boot Camp was linked primarily to fat loss in addition to building strength and improving overall fitness. I had got caught up in my work schedule which included a lot of travel which left little time for exercise and irregular eating habits – the time was right to make a change.

I was eager to get the maximum benefit from the Boot Camp experience and therefore I followed the program and advice from Daniel Wellard and could visibly see results within a short period.  My energy levels significantly increased and my overall feeling of health and wellbeing was high in just a short-time.  The recommended foods left me feeling more alert and energized on a consistent basis.  Additionally, I liked the regular email updates regarding food science and knowledge.

From my perspective the success of the Boot Camp was due to the strong linkage between the lifestyle eating change closely coupled with great exercise routines and of course the continuous motivation and guidance provided from Daniel Wellard.

Physio4Life Boot Camp gets a strong recommendation from me.

Graeme Gilchrist

Physio4Life Client

"” Personal training is not just for the Young. Each session is planned to push me and I always feel better”"

I broke my ankle when I was 68. That brought me into contact with Mark
who helped as a Physio. He introduced me to Daniel. I had given up
smoking and needed to do something about health and fitness.
Ten years later I am still being bullied and chased by Daniel. A natural
leader and teacher,he makes me believe I am enjoying it as well as
benefitting. Each session is planned to push me and I always feel better
afterwards. Personal training is not just for the Young. I believe I
would not now be alive if I had not only given up smoking but also taken
up with Daniel. Thank you!

David McCabe

Physio4Life Client

"“Thanks to Physio4Life’s treatment and orthotics, I managed my first ultra distance run of 55 kms yesterday without any pain or soreness”"

“This time last year I was receiving treatment from Mark Saunders for a chronic Achilles injury; the result of years of over running without any strength exercises, stretching and a belief that orthotics were a waste of money. At 63 it was reasonable to assume the running just had to stop. Thanks to Physio4Life’s treatment and fitting me with orthotics I managed my first ultra distance run of 55 kms yesterday without any pain or soreness. I had always wanted to attempt a major ultra marathon event like the Comrades in SA (87 kms), I am now thinking again it still is possible.”


Physio4Life Client

"“treatment at the clinic was always carried out very thoroughly and based on the pain I was experiencing”"

Jimmy was very detailed in his approach to understanding the exact problems I was having with my neck and back. He listened when I told him about the types of sport I do and this ensured the approach we followed was appropriate.

He was always very clear in his instruction on the exercises I needed to do and provided other useful advice in relation to carrying heavy bags.
His treatment at the clinic was always carried out very thoroughly but carefully and he adapted the treatment based on the pain I was experiencing or where I had shown improvement.

I’ve made a lot of progress due to Jimmy’s treatment and understand better now how to better care for my back and neck in the future. I would definitely recommend Jimmy to other clients needing similar treatment.


Physio4Life Client

"Lower Back Pain – “return to 100% back health after the third session”"

“I saw Jimmy after a sudden onset of lower back pain that was stopping me sleeping at night. We reviewed my posture and sleeping position and he gave me some simple exercises to help. The physio itself was very successful, with a marked improvement after the first session, and a return to 100% back health after the third session. I felt that Jimmy undertook a very thorough assessment of what was wrong, and worked effectively to put it right much more quickly than I thought possible. I would thoroughly recommend the experience.”

Claire Robb

Physio4Life Client

"“Thanks to Sam’s expertise my leg felt better than it had in months and I completed my first marathon in under 4 hours”"

“I was into the last 5 weeks of my training for my first marathon when I could no longer ignore the pain & weakness in my leg. I found physio4life on-line and they appeared to have excellent reviews so I made an appointment with Sam. Initially I was worried that the injury could hinder my performance as it was affecting my day-to-day life and there was so little time left before the race. Sam was really friendly and understood my time constraints, altering the treatment programme around my immediate needs. From the start Sam was positive about the treatment programme, and very flexible with his appointments, he appeared just as eager as me to overcome the injury before race day; I began to see improvements immediately. Thanks to Sam’s expertise and advice my leg felt better than it had in months and I completed my first marathon in under 4 hours, which I know would not have been possible if not for Sam and all his hard work.”

Chris Heyn

Physio4Life Client

"“thank Faye for her brilliant work in getting me ready for the Paris Marathon”"

“I just wanted thank Faye for her brilliant work in getting me ready for the
Paris marathon, which I ran yesterday. I first came in to see Faye on 18th
March with a twisted ankle. Her excellent care and advice meant that I could
achieve my target time of 3hr 30mins with minimal pain from my injured
ankle. Please pass on my thanks” 

Chris Grierson

Physio4Life Client

"Knee Injury – “managed to complete the Marathon. Sam, you’re an absolute gen…ius!”"

Somehow managed to complete the Marathon. Sam, you’re an absolute gen…ius! Other than a slight ache at the start, didn’t have any problems with the knee. The first half marathon was easy, but then the fact I hadn’t run for over two months caught up with me and cramp took hold of my quads and calfs. Staggered over the line in 4:34:34 Thanks so much for all your help, really didn’t think I’d be able to do it!

Craig Johnstone

Physio4Life Client

"“Superb, got me back on track after a double hamstring tear”"

Craig Johnstone – Great team. Great Physio


★★★★★ Superb, got me back on track after a double hamstring tear. Really really pleased with the results and the advice. Great team, great Physio.

Neville Turner

Physio4Life Client

"Lower Limb Injury – “Thank you for making a big difference”"

‘Thank you for making a big (and almost instantaneous) difference to my leg. Open this a couple of hours before drinking (red wine!)’

Tim Daniel

Physio4Life Client

"Tim Daniel – In 6 months he lost 20lbs of body fat!"

Here is a thank you email from one of Daniel’s clients, Tim Daniel. He is 67 years old and worked with Daniel for 6 months. Daniel helped Tim improve his diet and exercise regime and in 6 months he lost 20lbs of body fat.


‘The exercise combined with the weight loss has really given me a new lease of life-friends and colleagues all comment on how ‘trim’ I have become, so, a big thank you-I couldn’t have done it without you! Pleased to say that the lbs have not come back fearsomely (since working with you 3 months ago)’

Physio4Life Client

"‘Very friendly, caring and professional treatment’"

‘Very friendly, caring and professional treatment by Physiotherapist and was very impressed with Reception staff.  Had multiple problems, ie. back, leg and shoulder, and these were dealt with very successfully.  Would definitely recommend.  Thanks Faye Burge’.

Uttara Deb Framjee

Physio4Life Client

"“Tremendous Benefit within 3 Sessions”"

” I am extremely grateful to Liam for the Treatment. Though we could cover only three sessions, the benefit derived was tremendous. Physio4life is very lucky to have someone like him.

I wish him and all of you luck”.

Graeme Gilchrist

Physio4Life Client

"‘My back feels so much better – All I needed were your excellent exercises’"

Dear Daniel,
Almost perfect today! Have just walked speedily to Putney Bridge, with no bad feelings. My back feels so much better. All I needed were your excellent exercises. And yet another argument for the values of doing just that! Thank you!


Physio4Life Client

"‘I not only feel much more aware during and after sport, I also feel I can go the extra bit on long workouts- happy times! ‘"

Dear Mark,

I did the hydration test some weeks ago and I was not surprised with the result: I seem to loose an awful lot of Sodium during my exercise. Since I take the purple Sodium capsules before and during my workouts, my headache has disappeared and I can also concentrate on work after my runs and cycle rides. I was getting used to it, but it’s a massive difference and I cannot believe that I put up with headaches and lack of concentration after sport for so long.
I not only feel much more aware during and after sport, I also feel I can go the extra bit on long workouts- happy times!
A big thank you 🙂 Sybille

Physio4Life Client

"A Happy Boot Camper Testimonial!

I’m certainly going to sign up again.


–          It’s fantastic fun and I look forward to every class. I love the competitive aspects (you may have noticed)

–          You are great because the classes are based on real, expert knowledge about the best way to combine exercises for best results. This is real added value because this really is something we couldn’t do by ourselves

–          They work. I’m now – in my mid 40s – fitter than I’ve ever been since I was a teenager. And I’m a lot slimmer


So, thank you very much. Dan and I will be signing up again for the full 14 week programme

Amy Cowling

Physio4Life Client

"“Its made a lasting impression…..Top marks from me”"

I came in for the first time this lunch time and had a consultation with Faye.  I just wanted to say what a lovely lady she is and how I almost enjoyed my appointment with her even though I had needles in my skin!

She made me feel very comfortable and I especially liked how she shook my hand and introduced herself on arrival.  She very much put me at ease.

She also gave me feedback on my lifestyle habits and how to may be change a few of them which no other physio has in the past.  Its made a lasting impression on me though and I will certainly try to remember her suggestions.

I have zero suggestions on how Faye can improve her mannerisms with her patients.  Top marks from me 🙂

Mathias Bister

Physio4Life Client

"Lower Back Pain Relief – “I am back exercising and living my life again”"

 “Over a year of pain and several hundreds of £££ spent on a chiropractor with sleepless nights due to my lower back pain. Matthew at Physio 4 life changed it, very professional with a scientific approach and he focused on the cause and not the symptom. He helped me tailor exercises and show me how to relief my pain. After three sessions later I am back exercising and living my life again, have finally been able to book my final Sky Dive AFF exams.  

Thank you.  I really do mean it, thanks for all the help”.

Elana Fatisi

Physio4Life Client

"“I had a very stiff and painful neck – After the first appointment I felt a big difference”"

“I visited Physio4life a few weeks ago after I had a very stiff and painful neck. Matt assessed my problem and his reassurance and advice was very helpful. After the first appointment I felt a big difference, the pain had settled and I could move a lot more. Matt is a very professional, kind with the patient and makes you feel completely comfortable.  I definitely trust him and would recommend him to anyone looking for a very good and  experienced physiotherapist”.

Tim Huckfeild

Physio4Life Client

"“Thank you for your hard work and support in getting me back on the road to recovery”"

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and support in getting me back on the road to recovery. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am in the recovery process without your input, so thank you very much!”


Physio4Life Client

"‘All muscle groups covered’ – Another happy little boot camper!"

Thanks Dan and a very big thank you for the training, nutritional advice and merriment that is the boot camps!   They have been great, and I certainly know I wouldn’t be where I am in terms of fitness and body fat percentage without them.  I may well be back!! Have a wonderful and very well deserved holiday.

Graeme Gilchrist

Physio4Life Client

"A Happy Senior Boot Camper – This is why you should do Dan’s Fat Loss Indoor Bootcamps!"

“12 years ago this month, I decided to start Personal Training with Daniel. I had just broken my ankle and I was part of a rehabilitation programme..

Back then I was a young 68 year old man. Now 80, I continue to benefit from Daniel’s exercise sessions.

I visit Daniel once a week and also play golf (sometimes good, sometimes not so good).

I honestly believe that the weekly visits helps enormously by making me realise the importance of keeping vaguely fit. More importantly, the realisation that exercise, in its widest sense, is vital to my appreciation of life.

I keep saying “at some stage you I will be too old to do all this, and it will be time to stop”. However, Daniel knows just how far I can be pushed, and to make exercise enjoyable, without feeling uncomfortable and risking anything bad happening”

Shona Rowan

Physio4Life Client

"Brilliant and Really Encouraging – Treatment of Long Term Injury"

Great Physio clinic….  Jimmy is brilliant and really encouraging (which helps a lot with a long term injury etc)


"I’m running faster than ever – beating records I set when younger. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

Giles reveals how fit and slimmer he’s become since doing Daniel’s Bootcamp Programme

“I’m 43, and am by some distance as fit as I have ever been. This can be put entirely down to Dan’s bootcamps. It is not as if I did not exercise before: for over ten years I’ve oscillated through phases of obsession with running and rowing, endlessly chasing PBs. And I’ve tried various dietary approaches, always with spells of success, never lasting.

This is what had worked. First, variety: people left to their own devices do not explore new exercises, and invariably end up lopsided in their approach.  This has done more than just avoid injury, but meant I’ve felt strong in ways I never expected, such as getting up from the floor. Second, the short bursts are brilliantly designed to push you to the limit without inducing the despair a long run can cause. And, thirdly, it’s fun competing with others, in a team: just the right mix of pressure and fellow feeling. This helps with the food bit too: we all suffer together from Dan’s anti bread fascism…

So I’ve lost five percentage points of body fat, most of it replaced with muscle, and am only eight months in. I’m running faster than ever – beating records I set when younger. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

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