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Bruno Polidoro

Senior MSK Specialist
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Born and raised in Brazil, passionate about sports and movement from a young age, Bruno became a keen rower during teen hood. Guided through sports, he became a Physiotherapist in 2007 in Brazil.

Encouraged by his mother, he moved to Brighton in 2008, to pursue a post-graduate degree in Sports Injury Management.

In 2011, he returned to Brazil, where he had the chance to work with professional football and then expanded his expertise in sports by specializing in Olympic Lifting to enhance athletes recovery, performance and return to play.

To further expand his knowledge and understanding of the human body, Bruno joined the fire service, where he could learn valuable skills working as a first responder, which also allowed him to learn how to manage emergencies that might occur through sports practice. Bruno then became a Sports Physiotherapist in his previous rowing club, and with his expertise in Olympic Lifting, helped the new generation of rowers to achieve the national championships.

While in Brazil, Bruno met his wife and became a proud, loving and caring father of two young boys.

Bruno deals with his patients with compassion and kindness, which, coupled with his technical expertise, are important skills to help them overcome their injuries and resume their activities.

Despite a vast experience in MSK, Bruno has a special interest in knee and lower back injuries.

Bruno is a big advocate of active recovery, as he believes that self-management and a good patient-physiotherapist relationship form the basis of a successful treatment program.

As he always says, “reassurance is a powerful painkiller”, therefore, having the patients fully engaged through proper education and advice are the core of the recovery journey.

During his appointments, you will be able to see all his expertise and dedication in:

  • Performance and injury management
  • Strength & Conditioning applied to rehabilitation
  • Health promotion
  • Treatment for acute and chronic stages of injury
  • Implementation of functional training programmes

In his spare time, Bruno enjoys time with family, pursuing outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling, and as a keen rower focuses on exercise to build strength through Olympic lifting and water sports.


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