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12 Week Fat Loss Challenge Success

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Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Daniel Wellard


Back in September, I launched another 12 week Fat loss Challenge Inside Wellard’s Fitness Camp…


Jacqui, who did amazingly well and WON the challenge, dropped 14lbs of body fat, which is 6.5kg


Here’s how she did it…..


Firstly, I didn’t put her on a diet, because diets suck!


They are too restrictive, which is why 95% of people give up, Or if they manage to stick at it, when they’ve lost the weight, come off the diet and go back to how they use to eat, they put the weight back on.


I taught Jacqui the simplicity of the Energy deficit (Burn more calories than you eat), which is the BIGGEST FACTOR IN FAT LOSS


And the importance of eating her own diet


I calculated her guidelines of how many calories, carbs, fats and protein to eat day-2-day, which was based on her current body fat % and dropping 6kg in 12 weeks.


She had to track her eating habits, but could eat whatever she wanted. The only caveat was to stick to the suggested guidelines.


She soon learnt how many calories she was eating and couldn’t believe how many calories were in ‘healthy’ nuts and avocados.


However, she soon adjusted her diet so that she actually ate more food, but less calories. And still enjoyed her wine and favourite foods


In terms of boosting the amount of calories she burnt, she LOVED coming to my 45 minute Group Personal Training sessions, twice a week – as well as some other bits and pieces away from my sessions


Anyway, that’s the basis of what she did.


The most important thing she did was repeat it week by week.


And she had the support of the group she did the challenge with to motivate her


I also taught her that bad days of over indulgence are ok, and are part of any weight loss journey.


The key was not to believe she’d messed up and give up. But instead, put it behind her and continue


Anyway, I asked her some questions….here are her answers


Where were you at before you started my Fitness Camp?

After not working out enough whilst working full time, I started doing classes at a gym for the year prior to joining Dan’s fitness camp.  The classes improved my fitness somewhat (which was zero to start off with) but I was not being pushed to progress and get better.


What was it that made you finally take action and join the Programme? 

Realising that although I was a bit fitter, I was not progressing with weight loss and, after holidaying with friends who went to the Programme, was encouraged to join in the hope I could have the added benefit of losing weight.


What were your biggest concerns about starting? What were you worried about?

My biggest concerns were not being able to keep up, not doing the exercises right and not making progress.


What was the programme actually like? How was the first week or two?

I really enjoyed my first class (the taster) and quickly signed up.  Initially, my body felt bruised due to working different muscle groups but all in a good way.  I have enjoyed all the subsequent classes, there is great energy in the room, fantastic encouragement from everyone (especially Dan) and a great feel good factor after having done the class.


What have been your biggest wins, so far, since joining Dan’s Fitness Programme? 

My biggest win is feeling stronger and fitter with the added benefit of weight loss (6.5kg)


How has this helped you in everyday life?

I feel so much healthier and stronger and I sleep better.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining the programme?  

Do it!  You get to train with a great group of people, there is always variety and you could be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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