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‘After one session with Matt he had sorted my problem out and I could go back to training’

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I had injured my lower back and glutes but was unsure what the reason was. I could not train both weights and cardio without pain in my glutes. I first tried having sports massage with a physio in my previous gym. When that didn’t help my issue at all, i went to a chiropractor who did not give me a clear diagnosis but told me that i would not be able to train for weeks or months which isn’t something easy to accept when training is very important to you. He told me i had many issues including possible spine issues, hamstring issues, nerve problems but still no clear diagnosis but apparently needed many sessions for months to sort the problem (not cheap can i add). So after a month of chiropractor treatment i decided to go to an NHS physio but was just given a few stretches to do. Finally a friend told me about physio4life where i booked an appointment to see Matt. Within one session he had sorted my problem out and i could go back to training light weights. After a second session i was back to my normal training plan. He didn’t only fix my problem but gave me rehab exercises to do to strengthen and stabilise my glutes. What’s great is he didn’t try to make me come back for many unnecessary sessions but just sorted out the problem. I can’t thank him enough and i would NEVER go anywhere else again for treatment.

Yosr Souka, Physio4Life Client

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