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Ankle Pain Treatment

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Have You Suffered An Ankle Injury?

Physio 4 Life is a specialist pain clinic in Putney with a team of expert physiotherapists, massage therapists here to help you recover.

ankle painA lot of ankle pain is due to being injured during sport or due to a period of overstress. One of the most common injuries we see here is an inversion injury (where your foot rolls over and turns inwards) and can happen in sporting and non-sporting situations, for example; walking along on an unsteady pavement or in heels. Tendinopathies are also another very common diagnosis in the foot, due to an increase in load normally e.g increasing amount of running for a half marathon etc. Ankles seem to be the one joint that is quite often injured and then forgotten about as it is something most of us have done at some point. However is it imperative that you look after your ankles like any other joints in your body as they are very important (they do carry you around for tens of years) and can cause problems further down the line. E.g: instability causing cartilage damage, sinus tarsi syndrome, anterior or posterior impingement.

Ankle Treatment: What’s involved?

Treatment can include soft tissue techniques, ultrasound, acupuncture, joint mobilisation and a structured rehabilitation programme to return you to your full goals, whether it be walking in heels again or playing a full game of football.

The First Steps to a Full Recovery

Contact Physio 4 Life for more details or to book an appointment with one of our award winning specialist ankle pain physiotherapists on 0208 704  5998.

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