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Back Pain and Stilettos by Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist, Faye Burge

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Back pain and stilettos

Just a little word of warning to all my Cinderella’s since the Christmas season. Should you suffer from back pain which is aggravated from extending your spine, (leaning backwards), then you may wish to have a look at your foot wear for the party season. I’ll admit that the LBD does not do quite so well with trainers and nothing that your physio tells you will convince you other wise, however, please do evoke the right of wisdom.

Wearing a pair of stilettos reduces your stability as the heel its self is narrow there fore reducing your base of support making you more likely to have a stumble hence jarring the back. Heels them selves move the pelvis so your backside ends up sticking out like a duck contracting the muscles on either side of the spine which are more prone to eliciting those horrid spasms. If under no uncertain terms can you get out wearing the favourite pair of leg lengthening back destroyers, then try to take regular sitting breaks. You can even perform seated pelvic tilts inconspicuously to reduce any tension which may arise.


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