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Benefits of Reflexology

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When athletes compete, it affects the whole body. Reflexology helps to balance and relax the main organ systems in the body:

🔹 cardiovascular
🔹and lymphatic, which are all involved when the body is functioning at high intensity.

Research conducted at Mensah University in Australia shows that reflexology can remove lactic acid from the legs four times faster than regular massage. This is due to the powerful affect is has on the circulatory and lymphatic systems which deliver much needed oxygen and nutrients to the cells and organs.

By working the entire foot M.D. it’s reflexes, we are stimulating the body’s own natural healing abilities and addressing imbalances throughout the whole body. There are over 7000 nerve endings in the feet which correspond to a gland, organ or muscle in the body. There are even reflex points for the joints and limbs.

What happens after treatment:
☑️lactic and Uric acid are flushed out the system faster
☑️boosts immunity
☑️regulates blood pressure
☑️increases pain threshold and reduces pain
☑️increases blood flow, which reduces recovery time
☑️reduces anxiety
☑️reduces levels of cortisol in the body
☑️improves sleep pattern by stimulating the production of Serotinin – the sleep hormone
☑️improves clarity and focus
☑️improves overall mood

For more questions on reflexology benefits, speak to our specialist – Izabela – You can check out her BIO by clicking here.

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