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“Dan’s classes make me feel proud of my achievements, proud of my body and my strength”

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image1“I joined boot camp on a friends recommendation for some challenging and really effective exercise.
My aim is to be fitter and healthier to be an interactive parent to my daughters and to finally shift the weight gained from bringing up small children (I’m thinking the delights of comfort food like mac n cheese and endless bowls of pasta!)
I’ve never been a gym bunny, I thrive on working out in a fun environment with friends. So boot camp is perfect because not only do you get pretty much 1:1 PT support and advice from Dan on how to do the exercises properly and most effectively, you get encouragement and back patting from your friends, lots of support and top tips on lifestyle, nutrition and healthy living, all alongside a personalised play list of your favourite tunes. It’s basically like a fun night out chatting with your friends (albeit you’re all wearing lycra) with the added bonus of getting fitter!
Dan’s classes make me feel proud of my achievements, proud of my body and my strength, and I love going along to them each week. I don’t even view it as a workout – it’s basically a great fun hangout. I now fit into jeans that I haven’t fitted in for years!”.

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