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Bootcamp is more than just exercising

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I just wanted to share a lovely email I received from one of the people who does both Personal Training and my indoor Bootcamp training sessions.

She has come a long way since she began training with me.

All she use to do was Pilates and a bit of running. Now she trains 4 times per week and  is often one of the strongest and fittest in the gym challenges that are set.

As well as getting these fantastic results, she has also made some really good friends from coming to my gym. And that makes coming to the gym more enjoyable, for her. She is surrounded by normal people, who share similar targets and also push themselves to become fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier.

You see, many people have wishes and dreams to lose a bit of the wobble. However, doing enough exercise (5 hours per week, including walking and other leisure activities) is a struggle. And I get it. If I had a proper job and had a long day in the office, I’m not sure how much motivation I would have to do some exercise on my own.

But, having people to train with, having a coach, having friends around you makes exercising a more enjoyable experience. Therefore, you exercise more and your fitness dream of feeling fabulous and confident about yourself starts to become a reality.

I call it our gym family! WELLARD WARRIORS! 

Here is the email…….

“I bumped into Fi on my way to work this morning. It happens quite often these days, bumping into bootcamp pals when I’m out and about in Putney.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU. Through you, not only have I become thinner, fitter and healthier, I’ve also built up a local community and made some really good friends.

You’ve built that community, and I think a lot of us are much happier for it.

FANKS old fruit”

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Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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