Orthotics Sorted Out My Knee Pain And Enhanced My Performance

“orthotics sorted out my knee pain and enhanced my performance”

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I came to Physio4Life with constant knee pain and after thorough tests, Mark Saunders advised that I have flat feet and prescribed two pairs of orthotics, which sorted out my knee pain and enhanced my performance. Mark also helped me by highlighting some other weaknesses such as my muscle imbalance in my gluts and quads. With his help I now compete more effectively; I recently competed at The British University Champs (BUCS) in the Shot and the hurdles where I threw a personal best in the shot; 11.28 and equaled my personal best in the hurdles with a time of 9.56.

Chloe Vernon-Hamilton, Top 10 UK Heptathlete in her age group (19 years old)

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