Completed the Ironman after Hamstring Injury | Physio Testimonial

Completed the Ironman after Hamstring Injury – Physiotherapy Testimonial

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Well I did it and it all went to plan! In fact it went so to plan I was able to actively enjoy the whole race. I finished in 11:35 (right at the top end of expectation and in the top 200), I managed to run the whole marathon (in 3:43, 80th fastest) which was one on my main aims. The swim was fine, the only drama being the start was delayed 2 hours waiting for the fog to clear and so as I started my stomach was rumbling! I’d taken the bike very easy, spinning up the hills and charging down them, resisting the urge to chase after the people flying past me in the 1st third. I saw most of them later on the bike or the run in any case! At the start of the run, BOTH hamstrings were a little stiff but didn’t get any worse and in fact loosened up a little. I managed an even pace, 2nd half only 5 minutes slower than 1st, couldn’t go any faster but didn’t seem to be slowing, in fact no-one passed on the 2nd half of the run. Actually hit wall at 25 miles heart-rate dropped from 145 to 130 in about 10 seconds so must have run out of fuel there but with the finish line so close I managed to keep it going and finish with a flourish!

I would like to thank you so much for your assistance and support over the last few weeks, when the hamstring went I thought I wouldn’t make the ironman at all!

Graeme Hobbs – Physio4Life Client

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