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Daniels Saturday Morning Boot Camps – Get up and exercise!

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The Saturday morning Bootcamp crowd have now finished their workout and are ready for the weekend.


Many of the guys who rolled in at 9am (workout 1) or 9:45 (workout 2) weren’t feeling the love for exercise this morning. I’m sure, that given the choice, most would have preferred staying under their duvet with a hot drink and a croissant. But they didn’t.


Some came in with a hangover and some were just tired from a week of hard work. Now they leave my gym with more energy, less hungover and will really enjoy the rest of their weekend.


Exercise has a great knack of making us feel less stressed, gives us more energy and ultimately feeling positive. This is because of the positive affect it has on our feel good hormones on the whole  Our self esteem improves and we can really enjoy the great things that life offers.


If you can’t make my Saturday Morning Bootcamps (it’s open to anyone!), then try this 20 minute blast at home or in the park


40s per exercise x2 circuits. 20s rest between each exercise


Walking lunges

Press ups

Jump squats

Sit ups


Side plank

Mountain runners

Side plank

Standing jumps


If you’re not sure of the exercises, search for them on you tube



Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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