Decrease Shoulder and Back Tightness Using This Stretch Daily

Decrease shoulder and back tightness using this stretch daily

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Decrease shoulder and back tightness using this stretch daily.


Yesterday I turned 39, I year away from 40. And some mornings, when I get up and out of bed I feel 60.


For years I’ve been training in gyms, and to be honest I could have dedicated more time to flexibility and mobility.


Since the turn of the year, I have been really getting into improving this area.


I book in a sports massage once a week and spend most days performing 10-20 mins mobility  and flexibility exercises


I think it’s really making a difference.


I’d like to get to 40 and feel 30 again!


Here is a brilliant exercise, which is part of my routine. It is from the exercise library of FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN SYSTEMS. This is a screening method I am beginning to use more frequently with clients to identify movement discrepancies.


If you find yourself hunched over a keyboard all day and your shoulders feel like rock, then spend 5 mins performing this exercise everyday. Preferably when you have been moving about a bit (ie, not first thing in the am!)

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