How To Get in Shape Without Giving up Your Favourite Foods

Discover How To Get in Shape without Giving up Your Favourite Foods

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MEET DAN ON WEDNESDAY 11 DEC 2019 @ 19:30 ! 

Our wonderful and dedicated Personal Trainer/Motivator and all round Good Guy!

As some of you may know, Dan run’s the amazing Boot Camp here at Physio4life and has been for the last 14 years! His experience with people and understanding of goals allows him to give a tailored approach to each of his bootcampers!

Dan will be running a FREE TALK on how to get in shape without giving up on your favourite foods! Which we know can be a tough and guilty feeling when trying to workout and be good!

The event will take place on Wednesday 11 December 2019  starting at 19:30 at Physio4life <<<<<<

About this Event

During the seminar Dan will show you…

* His simple, but Powerful step-by-step Blueprint for people, who want to Lose Weight – and Keep it off

* That you don’t have to give up your favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ foods to reach your DREAM WEIGHT and get you GLOW BACK

* How to feel more toned and have more energy, by only doing 2 HOURS of ENJOYABLE EXERCISE per week

*How YOU can achieved these LIFELONG RESULTS, even though everything else you’ve tried has failed

We hope to see you there!

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