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Do you feel fed up with carrying around unnecessary fat?

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Do you feel fed up with carrying around unnecessary fat?

Do you feel too tired and too stressed to do regular workouts?

Is there a pair of jeans, or a dress that hasn’t fit for a while?

Would you like to workout every week in a fun, friendly, environment knowing you will achieve your goals and wishes?

Do you want results?

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Well, if this is you, and you want results, then Daniel Wellard’s Indoor Fat Loss Bootcamp packages are for you.


Daniel runs these very successful Indoor Fat Loss Bootcamps in a our Private gym in Putney. 


His Bootcamps offer more than just group workouts. 


For starters, there are only a maximum of 6 people in one session, which means I can focus on helping you get the most out of your workout. 


In your package you will receive 2 Small group PT sessions per week (these are scheduled around 9:30/10am in the morning or lunchtime). Each session is 45 mins, which is plenty to get a sweat on! 


Nutrition is a huge part of Daniel’s Bootcamps too. In your package, you will receive regular nutrition coaching (every 2-3 weeks) which definitely helps when it comes to feeling less stressed and improving energy levels, and fat loss.  

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Daniel will be your coach and mentor. He will do everything to coach you the best way to lose weight, keep it off and ultimately feel great again.


Bootcamps run through out the year and are tailored to particular groups – Over 60’s, Ladies Only, Professionals. 


If you want to do regular exercise in a fun and friendly group, lose weight, get into those tight fitting clothes again, and feel fabulous. Give me call or email.



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