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Improving Your Biomechanics

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You wouldn’t expect to straighten your teeth with braces from the supermarket: so why align your body using products from the local sports shop?

orthotics over shop bought insolesWe all know that getting your teeth fixed is a complex and delicate business, done by people who have trained for years to wield the tools that can give you that perfect smile. Isn’t it interesting then that we ignore the alignment of our bodies and allow ourselves to spend years putting strain on those joints, ligaments, muscles and bones due to poor biomechanics. And although we are often aware that different kinds of shoes can be help to reduce that strain, very few of us – even regular runners – ever look beyond buying our footwear off the shelves.


How do you know if you have any biomechanical problems?

Got any persistent injuries such as a muscle cramping, soreness or even shooting pains in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or back? Find it hard to recover after a long session out running, on the bike or playing sport? Every single one of the most common injuries picked up when running or cycling can be caused by imbalances in the body. And the result of the extra strain presents itself through niggles, twinges, tears and, left for long enough, long-term damage. In extreme cases, the damage done to cartilage and bones may even lead to the need for knee or hip replacements in later life.

The damage done by running around and playing sport can sound worrying when thought of in this way, but there are ways of improving an athlete’s biomechanics and reducing the stress a body is placed under.


What can be done to improve biomechanics?

One of the keys to improving the alignment and balance of the body lies in the feet. Get the strains and stresses eased at point of impact and improvements can be felt throughout the rest of the body. Orthotics for the feet are prescription insoles made to complement the contours of an individual’s feet. Made of memory flex plastic, orthotics help to distribute the energy travelling through the sole and legs on impact, encouraging the muscles to move in the correct motion and allowing ligaments and bones to function as nature intended. When prescribed by a medical professional carrying out accurate assessments, the benefits can be profound.


The benefits

Injury treatment and prevention – Braces may help make your smile more appealing and even improve the way your teeth function when you eat, but the benefits of orthotics can be further reaching than that. If you suffer from pain when you run, whether it’s runner’s knee or regular blistering of the feet, orthotics can help individuals exercise more regularly and enjoy total comfort when they train. And injury prevention goes hand in hand with injury treatment, too. By keeping the body in sync muscles and joints are encouraged to function normally, making it less likely that you will get a twinge from all those endeavours.

Improved performance – Not only do those who wear orthotics find they can exercise more regularly and see improvements as they build up their fitness levels, but by maintaining good running or cycling form an individual can remove inefficiencies in the muscle activity, reduce muscle fatigue and transfer power through the foot more effectively. All of that combines to produce better results on the road, pitch or path.


How do I get fitted for orthotics?

gaitscan london orthoticsAt we perform a comprehensive biomechanical assessment and gait analysis as part of our consultation process. We take into account many different aspects of your foot shape and body movement including foot posture, arch height and the pronation of the foot (the rotation that takes place from your outstep to your instep when pressure is exerted). This allows us to prescribe orthotics that will provide the perfect level of cushioning and stability for each individual client’s feet. And the good news is that, unlike those torturous trips to the dentist, our clients can ease their pains and problems straight away without a drill or wire in sight!


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