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For best weight loss results – work out a strategy that works for you

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Yesterday I was asked by a client how I manage to stay off booze and eat super healthily all the time.

He was shocked when I told him I do like to have a drink and I’m not the best behaved, all the time, when it comes to food.
For me,  I am a routine kind of guy. Every Sunday I have a ritual – a cook off. I mass cook Chicken breasts, salmon, kale, broccoli etc for my Monday – Thursday lunches. At the weekend I enjoy a couple of beers, some choccy, and my weak spot – crisps. But this means I do not lose fat, I stay as I am.
I only come across 2 or 3 people who I think maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle 24/7. Never drink, never eat processed junk.

Personal Trainers who say do this do that

I see trainers, posing and  posting things on Facebook saying do this, do that and you’ll look like this/me (not me but them). These guys are selling an unreality and are probably lying about how they live their lives.

Let’s be realistic for a moment

What happens when people follow the unreality (being good 24/7, 7 days a week) for a short period of time – they find it so hard, that when they fall off the wagon, they don’t want to get back on. It’s too boring, too difficult.

Find a routine that works for you

The trick is to find a routine that works for you. Something that strikes a balance between healthy eating, the odd treat/ naughtiness and something that gets the results you want.

Work out a week by week regime if you want to succeed

That’s what I do with the clients on my programmes. As well as the training sessions, when needed we sit down, work out a week by week regime to find a balance that gets them the results they desire. And when they fall off the wagon, and when  they’ve had ‘a bad week’, I’m on hand to help them dust down and go again!
But it is so individual. Just because a diet worked for your friend, doesn’t mean it works for you.
The 5-2 diet works for my dad and his wife (when they do it properly), but I know some people who find it really difficult. The day after the 500kcal is rebound city – 20,000 calories
Low carb, high protein works for most, but I know some who really struggle with it. Especially veggies.
Skipping breakfast everyday works for some people, but I get too grouchy if I’m hungry.
So, find what works for you. Experiment. But when you do, the most important thing is to assess your results. Measure your weight and fat first, try the regime for 2 week and reassess!
I’m off to dominos pizza!

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