5 Ways That Massage Therapy Helps Through The Winter Months

Here’s 5 ways that Massage Therapy helps keep you happy and healthy through the winter months

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Winter comes with a unique set of physical and mental challenges. Massage therapy can help you combat many of the health issues the winter season brings

Building regular massage sessions into your wellness routine can help you stay happy and healthier this wintertime.


1. Massage Therapy can really help fight the winter blues

The winter months decrease our opportunities to do our favourite activities and sports. Many of us suffer the ‘Winter Blues’. We have little energy, are unmotivated and begin to feel down. It’s cold and the nights are so long during these months: we are more likely to stay indoors, exercise less, and sleep and eat more.

Massage Therapy can really help, as it creates positive changes in the endocrine system where hormones are formed. Regular massage can offer long-term benefits on your health, as after you receive a massage cortisol levels decrease (the stress related hormone) and oxytocin levels are raised (the happy hormone). This ultimately leads to the release of serotonin and endorphins, relieving stress and enhancing your mood.

2. Massage fights aches and pains, and helps you keep warm

Are your feet and hands cold? Do your muscles ache more? Are you feeling a lot of tension around your neck and shoulders, or do you feel the whole back went into spams?

Cold weather can bring on many aches, pains, and discomfort and it is common to suffer from colds, flu and other congestions issues. But massage is here to help. It is a wonderful way to relief pain and enhance blood flow keeping the body warm. Massage therapy plays a crucial role in boosting circulation, which means an increased flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

3. Massage boosts the Immune System

This time of year it’s easy to pick up coughs and colds. While massage is great to make you feel relaxed and ache free, it can also play a big role in helping you fight infections better. Massage therapy increases the lymph flow which is packed with white blood cells that fight off infections and bacteria. What better way to boost your immune system than having a relaxing massage?

4. Massage Therapy nourishes and hydrates the skin

Along with dry air, winter also brings dry skin. The lack of sun (and therefore lack of vitamin D), and the dry air – outside and inside our homes (due to central heating) – leaves the skin dry and itchy.

An added bonus of massage therapy during these cold months is nourished and hydrated skin. Massage therapy stabilizes the collagen in your skin and helps maintain your skin’s elasticity. Also, oils and lotions used during massage contain healthy amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin E. The improved circulation allows your skin to absorb better the natural vitamins that help repair and moisturize the skin.

5. Massage is relaxing!

Last but not least, massage therapy is a great relaxation. Many people’s lives are busy and often chaotic with demanding routines. High stress jobs, endless personal obligations, the list goes on. Stress plays a big part in our lives today and it is crucial to reset the balance. It’s important to take some time out and to look after yourself, as well as looking out for others who may be stressed. Massage is an excellent step towards improving wellbeing and if introduced into a wellness routine, it can help you feel better all round.

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By Andreea Ivanov
Massage Therapist

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