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How this lady lost 70 pounds in 30 days

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Hey, I knew that subject heading would grab your attention!!!!!!!


Hope you all slept well last night.


I wanted to shed light on the untruthful before and after pics that circulate the World Wide Web! The internet and social media is full of these false claims that so and so lost lots of fat by taking this supplement or doing this diet.


One diet company was caught out by a lady who posted a blog on  MYFITNESSPAL .


She had her pictures stolen by a diet company, who claimed she had lost 70 pounds of weight in 30 days, using their diet.


Obviously, this is total rubbish.


If any of you have listened to me over the past weeks, months, years, you should know by know,  there is no magic pill or diet that gets fat off fast!!!!


Fat loss is a journey that takes a lot of commitment, mindset shift, perseverance and determination. But once you’ve achieve your target the feeling is brilliant!


The lady (whose pics were stolen) wrote in her  blog…..
fat to thin


“I DID lose 70 pounds, but it was over at the course of one year. And I’ve kept it off for 10 years now!”


She went on to say that she worked super hard changing her lifestyle, and there was no magic pill or potion involved.


Well done her! and THANKS for shooting down these dodgy companies.


So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t buy into claims from diet companies, fitness experts, gyms etc that you can lose weight fast. I’m not saying some people do manage to shift fat faster than others, but these are a minority.


  • Often before and after pics are rigged (lights, body position, photoshop; you’d be amazed at how these can be manipulated).
  • Don’t tell the real client story (health changes, mindset shifts, highs and lows, quality of life; it’s all glossed over).
  • Don’t tell the real coaching story (priorities, values, moments of breakthrough, personal struggle; and how coaching helped).
  • Don’t show the cost to benefit ratio (there are real benefits but also costs and tradeoffs; the pictures hide those).


If you are super serious about losing fat, and want to fit into that dress, or those jeans and feel super great about yourself, be accountable to someone. Have regular contact with someone who can help you on your journey.


  1. Always get measured. I encourage all  my clients (who wish to lose fat) to meet with me at least once a week, be assessed and make small (but important) lifestyle changes to encourage long term fat loss.
  2. If we meet and assess on a regular basis, we can see what lifestyle changes are most effective, and modify the plan.


So, if fat loss or fitness is your goal. and need a kick up the jacksy, Get in touch and we will work together.


I will never lie to you. I will never tell you that you will lose 10 pounds in a week, but I will be committed to helping you become fitter, slimmer, healthier and happier.


It may not be easy. As I mentioned before, it takes a lot of commitment, mindset shift, perseverance and determination.


Some weeks will be tough, and you will have setbacks, but persevere – you will get there.


You will even feel the benefit of becoming fitter and healthier along the way. Day after day, week after week.


But when you have to buy a new belt, because the other one is too big or you can get into that dress, you will feel on top of the world.


And you won’t have to look back and think, if only i’d done this. If only i’d done that!



Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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