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How to mend an age related falling metabolism

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I will start with the bad news first….


As I was Studying yesterday I was reminded of another scary statistic. Research shows, that individuals experience a 2-4% decline in their metabolism with each passing decade after 25 years old.


Therefore, a person with a Resting metabolic rate (RMR – the amount of calories your body requires just to function. without execise) of 1500kcal per day, at the age of 25 may have an RMR 1440kcal a decade later. By 65 years old this could decline to 1200kcal.


With this metabolic loss comes muscle loss. On average, people lose about 2-3kg of muscle per decade, between the ages of 25-65 years old. Therefore, as well as losing 300kcal of metabolic power by 65 years old, people could lose around 10kg of muscle tissue.


Enough of the doom and gloom, here comes the good bit……..We can take positive steps to preserve our muscle tissue as we age!


Our muscle tissue is so metabolically active, scientists believe metabolic decline has more to do with a decline in physical activity (as we get older), rather than a natural process of ageing.


As many of us age, our activity levels drop. One of the side effects of a more sedentary lifestyle is muscle wastage. When our muscles begin to waste, we require less energy (calories) to fuel it.


Our metabolism is hugely governed by our muscular system. The more muscle we have and the more we use our muscles to run, squat, walk etc, the higher our metabolism will be. The higher our metabolism, the more calories are used to fuel the muscular system. Good news, eh?




What is the best type of exercise to raise metabolism?

boost your metabolism

High Intensity Exercise!

The more stress we put our muscle cells under the better the these cells adapt.,


Therefore, the guys that do Personal Training with me, and those that do my bootcamps each week are stimulating this process on a regular basis. They should also be eating enough protein (because I bang on about it enough) to support the muscle building/sustaining process.


Lifting weights,

Performing high intensity sprints,

Strongman training

Circuit style training


Performing these types of exercises on a weekly basis will encourage your body to maintain or improve muscle metabolism.


Adding the right amount of protein to the mix (4 Palm sizes servings of meat and fish for a woman, and 8 Palm sized savings for a man), will further support this process.


My favourite HIIT exercise can be performed anywhere….


10 X 60s sprint with a 60s rest. It will only take 20 mins!!!!


This can be done in a swimming pool on holiday, running on the spot, Burpees, star jumps, spotty dog etc etc.



Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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