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How to really start your week from the weekend phase of “I’ll start on Monday……….” By Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life’s Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Morning my friend

I’m going to help you get you reset your mind for the week ahead. That’s if you’ve had a weekend of too much wine, chocolate and cheese!

How was your weekend?

I went to watch United win 2-1, won a scrabble match against my wife and dad and had a jamming session with Duran Duran (that bit was a lie).

Did you stick to the rules of your regime (eating healthily and doing exercise) and come out of the weekend smelly of roses?

If you did – brilliant – well done – you’re more of a person than me!

On the flip side –  were there one two many temptations and uncompromising social situations that you found yourself falling off the wagon?

Did you find yourself having that extra glass of wine and tucking into the chocolate and ice cream?

Did you find yourself putting off exercise, because you couldn’t be bothered, or too much wine the night before.

This stuff happens….I get it….it’s fine. The most important thing now is to reset the mind and go again!

Like the old saying goes – I’ll start on Monday……….

Having bad weekends  is completely common among many people who are on a regime to lose weight, increase confidence and feel more energetic.

It happens all the time, and it’s ok. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You haven’t ruined all the hard work.


I’ve had a terrible weekend eating wise, and probably too many wines and beer.

However, I’ve made my lunch for the next few days (to take to work)

Chicken and kale

Salmon and green beans

And I will now (after tonight) stay off the booze until Friday.

What should you do?

Before anything, think about what you should have done. How could have you behaved better over the weekend?


1- Take 10 minutes (set a stopwatch) to go through your diary for the week ahead.

2- think of and  write down strategies you can implement to stay on the regime. For example, drive to a dinner, so you don’t drink wine and check out the menu (online) before you go to decide what you can have.

3- write down 4 targets for the week.

Mine are –

stay off booze Monday to Thursday;

make my own lunches and stick to them;

train 4 times;

drink 3 litres of water per day

You’ll automatically feel a lot better about the week ahead. Your mindset would have changes and you’ll be ready to get ‘back on it’.

Good luck

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May the force be with you

Happy Health

Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life’s Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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