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How to Treat that Tennis Elbow by Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist Rebecca Lang

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I have recently listened to a podcast, from clinical edge physiotherapy, with an Australian Doctor on this condition. It reminded me of some interesting points in relation to lateral elbow pain.

Our upper limbs get a lot of use

We use our upper limbs for many activities of daily living. Eating, dressing and communication. A lot of movement through the day is made through the elbow. Repetitive over load of the muscle and tendons are lead to pain and weakness. At times the level of overload doesn’t have to be that high – eg working in garden. The pain does not always have to be consistently and more often than not patients are unable to recall an incident which caused the pain.

What is tennis elbow?

Classic tennis elbow is local tenderness to the lateral elbow. Clinically known as lateral epicondylitis. It affects the common extension tendons of the wrist, with the extensor carpi radialis brevis more prominent, as this muscle is used to stabilise wrist during hand activity.

Activities such as gripping, picking objects up can cause reproduction of pain. Common aggravating activities reported by patients include pouring the kettle, lifting a mug to drink and simple activities like cleaning teeth.

Physiotherapy treatment for tennis elbow at Physio 4 Life in Putney

Treatment for this condition includes rest, modification of activities, avoiding aggravating activities, but the best method is specific exercise for active intervention. Symptom management is key and a gradual increased in optimal load so the tendon can heal, grow and begin to strengthen. We know from past history that if exercises are painful our patients just won’t do them. Less is more.

These are thing you can do to assist in pain relief : – Pick things up with palm facing up – keep weight close to the body – and carry objects palm up – activity should be pain free – see a physio for use of electrotherapy, massage and dry needling – a brace around the elbow can assist when the inflammation is acute.

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