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Running Analysis – The Low-down

We regularly get asked, “Is it possible to change my running technique if this is the way I have ran all my life?”. The simple answer is YES! We can use some subtle cues to make a big difference to your technique. This can serve to improve your running economy, enhance your performance and correct movements that have been causing you injury. Where it can become slightly more complex is making sure you are able to adapt to this alteration, including the progression and structuring of your training methods. In our Running Clinic at Physio4Life this is a service we provide for you. We will take you step by step through your personal Gait Analysis, Physical Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan.

But first, let me answer a prominent question:  If I Lift weights will this slow me down?

For a long time, there has been and still is a stigma around resistance training making a runner bigger and slower. This is incorrect. It is demonstrated by some very large studies that strength/resistance training if carried out correctly can be extremely beneficial to a runner in a number of ways. Lauersen et al (2013) looked at 25 trials including a cumulative of 26,610 participants with 3464 injuries. Resistance training was found to reduce sports injuries by 1/3 and overuse injuries almost halved! While Jung (2003) found that resistance training improved running economy and distance running performance. Incorrect training methods using resistance training may have the potential to be detrimental but with professional guidance in conjunction with a running programme, it can be invaluable.

Now let ‘s guide you through the Running Clinic Service

Our Physiotherapists are highly trained with the ability to provide you with an excellent service whether you are a recreational or elite level runner. Our service is designed to integrate the client into an environment of effective training, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

How do we treat running injuries?

The causes of running injuries vary depending on their nature and individual characteristics. At Physio4Life we believe that a thorough assessment is required to establish the root cause of your pain and consequently we develop a specific program tailored to your needs. In our Running Clinic we will assess the strength, stability and flexibility of your trunk and lower limbs. Our experts will also assess your foot posture both statically and dynamically to the best type of running shoe for you or whether an orthotic may be appropriate before we carry out a unique video running analysis. This enables us to identify and correct any faulty movement patterns.

What happens after your assessment?

Upon completion of your Running Analysis we will create a rehabilitation program which will enable you to develop a more efficient running style and modify any dysfunctions. You will have a follow up appointment 1 week after your assessment where you will be taken step by step through your rehabilitation. We will record your exercises and send them to you. This will provide a reference point for you and provides an option for you to send your exercises back to us. Ensuring you are carrying them out effectively. You will have the opportunity to join our interactive Physio4Life running community with regular updates of exercises, running tips and nutrition advice. We will discuss a graded return to running, any alterations you might need to make to your current training regime and we can provide advice on training plans for ½ and full marathons. Following this we will have follow-up appointments to either treat a dysfunction and/or progress your rehabilitation. We will regularly check your gait to ensure any dysfunction is being corrected. This is a unique service that is beneficial to all runners, regardless of ability or age.

We look forward to meeting you in the future!

By James McCormack, Physiotherapist and Biomechanics Specialist

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